2 Million Subscriber Special!!!

פורסם בתאריך 11 מאי 2020
We are so thankful for all the love and support we get from each and every one of our subscribers!!! This journey has been absolutely life changing. We are so blessed to be in this position and we couldn't have done it without you. We put together this video to give you guys an update on all of the builds and also give you an idea of what the future holds! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Congratulations, I feel like im family watching yall grow on this channel, been a long time coming, thank you for the best car content on the platform!

    • @Ethan Official Abh

    • Congrats guys , enjoy watching you guys rebuild.

    • @Ethan Official H b

    • You should keep it if you’re popes truck brakes down

    • Ethan Official they’ll get enough from youtube lol

  • It’s crazy how humble these guys are. Massive respect

    • Hello, Thanks for watching!❤ It's your lucky day we have a package🎁 for you Contact🔝🔝us🔝👆🎁🔝

    • @The man Prez Same here man!

    • I agree, most guys their age would be cocky asf, but these boys were raised right.

    • Foreals.

    • Eddie E. The biggest person that’s happened to is vehiclevirgins I used to love him but I literally can’t stand him anymore. Especially after he came after Alex choi

  • I would like to see a content “building a huge garage for our cars”

    • Oscar Penafiel fax lmao

    • @Edgar Martinez Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmommmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm.po

    • What about a house? 😂

    • @Deakin McGinn lol good thing they arent your cars

    • Like a museum nistaga thing

  • Following these boys since their first builds, receiving gifts from the followers, tools since they didn't have them, etc. They're very humble, simple, they both perform a great teamwork, clean language 💪 Keep this up boys.

  • Congrats for hitting 2 million subscribers! Stay safe during these hard times!

  • Congratulations on 2 million subs (with many more to come hopefully) keep up the amazing work!

  • 2.01M now!!! WOW!!! I've been watching you guys for a long time!! Congrats!!!

  • Honestly yeah, I've been watching you guys since the beginning, doing your first couple builds. Seeing this channel grow is truly amazing. When you guys do sell the cars, make sure to let all of us know, the price, the detail, because some of us might actually be interested. Anyways, good work y'all

  • I love how they are respectful. Their channel so so friendly.. nice content. And that accent :)

  • Congrats on 2M! Thanks for the great content.

  • Cool vid this earned you a new subscriber 💯 I really enjoy watching them cars come back to life.. keep up the great work guys!

  • Who was here since the mustang rebuild.

    • I was before

    • I am the first subscriber

    • I’ve been here since they were remodeling a house

    • I showed up for the first time today ✌️ I want the Nissan GTR coming to Florida again drop it off

    • A little before but yea

  • I love how humble they are even though they have reached alot

  • These young men got it going on!

  • been with these guys since day 1 loved seeing you guys grow! Definitely have the best job in the world imo!

  • Man congratulations on your new platform and good content for the channel goon squad for life

  • You are two of the coolest fellas I have seen on ILaward in a long time! Can’t wait to see that track hawk get rebuilt!

  • im happy for u boyzzzz

  • Congrats! Im watching you since you reached over 500k. I'm in love in your content. I spent a lot time watching your videos, i wont regreat it, thanks for everything you're doing guys for us

  • oddly one of my fav videos off all time from any poster..... really love washing videos and all the work and time you spent its really amazing to see them all and wash them up! all very well done!

  • I'm a 52 year old lady with heart failure. I've had 2 major heart/lung surgeries in the last year. I LOVE your channel! Clean language, clean living, honorable and respectable young men. My fave is the red Rubicon!! Congrats on 2 mil subs. Have been one for a long time. Living vicariously thru the videos, thanks for always bringing a huge smile my way! You can come get my 240k mile granny van and zupe it up for a content challenge, lol!! Love from Bama.🙋

    • Hope you feel better we will have you in our prayers. I agree the family values and good family dynamics are not common now a days. I have 6 kids and all are good people and great patents. I know how hard it is to keep the kids on the right track. I’m lucky married for 35 years and my wife is our most important asset. God bless hope you have a good year.

    • Lyssa P Prayers, hope and love your way. Keep up the fight

    • They should trade you vehicles! Def love that Gladiator. Just bought my own in fact!

    • God Bless

    • Wish you the best

  • Congratulations I remember back when u guys had 600k you have come so far and u honestly deserve it you work so hard on the videos and cars

  • Congratulations, really enjoy watching you guys build, I have been a fan since the Rubicon build 2 years ago, you guys really accomplished alot in 2 years👌

  • Congrats! GTR is my absolute favorite one you have! Dream car for sure!

  • Very happy for you guys! Started watching you guys when you did the frame swap on the blue TJ. Keep it up guys!

  • About 2 years ago, my wife had an issue with her jeep wrangler so off to ILaward i went. Next day in my recommended channels was a video of two young guys working on part 1 of rebuilding a 2015 jeep wrangler. They had just 11k subs and i was so impressed with their attitude and willingness to fix it up from getting the frame pulled and watching them trying their hand at painting. I subscribed that day and haven't missed an episode since. So proud of what these boys have accomplished and can't wait to see what's next! Congratulations on 2 million subs! Hard work and dedication always pays off. 🍻

    • Been here since the Subaru but they haven’t been coming up in my subscriptions or recommend for a while but glad this video did gotta do some catching up

    • I started at 45k when their first episode of mustang came out. Exploaded after that :)

    • Hai Coai stop promoting

  • Congratulations and much love boys. Can't wait to see your new workshop, hopefully you fellas have heaps of undercover storage at your new workshop

  • Damn bro I love how there always positive keep it up guys good work better things in the future

  • Had a few videos pop up in my feed over last couple of weeks. Watched each one till the end and was hooked. So with the new property cant wait to see what yall do with it. Keep up the awesome videos.

  • I'd love to ride int these builds man, gets me so excited to see all these builds!

  • Seeing the mustang is like seeing an old friend again

    • @Caiden Burleson yeah the camero was pretty sick; bro itd be so cool if they rebuilt a wrecked 2020 corvette

    • Bro I miss the Camarillo and corvette

    • @Salman Khan no way are they going to sell it; its one of their legends

    • Should sell it. No point not using it as much.

    • @heartSLB go for it

  • Y’all inspire me fr bro💯🙏🏽

  • This is amazing I love the step by step build

  • As crazy as it sounds my favorite build y’all have done is definitely the GTR. It’s my dream obtainable car. That thing looks slick. I love it❤️

  • Been here since 2500 subs, crazy to see y’all growth so fast! Great people to look up to, and hope I can create the same growth for myself.

  • This is crazy! I remember watching the mustang build when you didn’t even have 1 million subscribers yet

    • I Sub'd around 500k thought it was only 500, almost posted a comment "bro your channel about to blow up" then I seen the 500K. 1,500,000 subs later.

    • Saaaame !!!

    • Dillon Barnyak fr tho !

    • The mustang was the one that got me to sub

    • Been here since 80k feels nice to see them to hit 2M

  • I love that GTR! I would love to get one someday!

  • I'd buy the Ferrari and the gtr in a heartbeat! but by now, I'm sure they're in good hands..

  • your guys' taste in builds is absolutely beautiful. raw beauty. you can tell how much passion you have in each build. love it.

  • Would love to see you do more Super Duty builds, stuff that would be for common guys who use there trucks, not just show trucks.

  • Would of been nice to see before pics of all the vehicles to remind us of where the projects began. Many new viewers probably can't appreciate all the effort it took you to rebuild the cars and the channel.

    • every human has a brain, and i bet at least 10 out of 100 use it (youtubers exempt), so they can go and watch all the old videos and cars

    • I stumbled upon this channel because of the famous ILaward algorithm recommending me to watch some boys rebuilding a wrecked Lamborghini. I gave it a try and watched the video, 4 days later I had binge watched the entire goonzquad rebuild videos and became a subscriber. Long story short, news subs have the obligation to go back and watch the videos as well cause they're soooo goooood 👌👌

  • Congratulations on 2mil subs.....love to see the mustang running and that it's sticking around. i joined the squad right before you guys started that build.

  • I'm waiting to watch full paint guide from scratch on this channel 😍 Hope you guys will do that

  • Congratulations Guys, you both are amazing roll models in the love you show between each other, family and especially you Pops. Keep dreaming and settting your goals. DUDE YOU GUYS ARE GOING PLACES. cannot wait to see where life takes yall.


  • When they pulled out of the driveway with the mustang you can see his expression go from Having Fun to OH SHIT😂😂😂

    • It was hilarious

    • That’s because there was another car coming. You can see it pass then he checks his mirror.

    • Keep it pg bro

  • Hey fellas, my name is Howard Sutphin. I love watching you guys videos. Y'all have me in my garage going things to my vehicles I never thought I could do. Keep up the good because I'm hooked on vids.

  • This just shows you how well you can TUNE your brain to do something amazing like these bros...fixing damaged low to high end cars without any schooling....these bros are legends if you ask me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • How can you guys afford such expensive cars? And stay so humble. Amazing

  • Congratulations ! I remember watching you guys hit 1 million subs while in Miami and that seemed like it was just few months ago.

  • Definitely a channel that deserves the subs, the builds are interesting

  • Love what y'all have been doing, y'all have pushed me to work on my jeep TJ a ton! Been here since your TJ build. Loved it!!

  • If there's anything I honestly love about these boy's is that their not show offs . Their truly one of a kind and I thank them for their honesty !!! Peace , love and respect to these young men !

  • keep doing what you do bro's.. aloha from hawaii.

  • Congratulations on the 2M subs, you deserve it. Awesome channel. You're getting plenty of love from the UK too you know. Might I suggest a new policy? How about every build includes getting a cover for the car. I can't bear seeing moss and mildew on those gorgeous cars!

  • “There’s no crowd so I think we’ll be safe” 😂😂😂😂😂 That made me laugh hard

  • All your builds are great, but my favorite is the F450.

  • Congrats guys. Here with you guys since the mustang

  • Congrats on the new jeep, great build once again!!!!

  • Love all the content, you guys are doing a great job with the dodge you should paint it red and black out all the trim it would look amazing

  • Never sell the Huracan, it was probably your finest build series. Def widebody the Hellcat!

    • Yup, their first super car and it really drew a lot of subscribers

    • agreed

    • Frezzy the mustang is what blew them up but the hellcat was awesome too def got a lot of views of that series

    • Agreed!

    • Frezzy it was the mustang.

  • Congrats on the 2 million subs! So proud of you guys. I was hoping you'd show the ACR that I haven't seen in a awhile. Just Love that car!

  • You guys rock 🤘🏼

  • Nice work dudes steam room sounds epic, still would love to see the helicopter rebuild any news on it dudes, the parts, 👍🏻, those hexagon tiles are cool 😎 especially on the black colour they looked epic can't wait to see them finished with the Wight grouting all done, love all those cars you've got have or did yous have a mustang, I bought my car last month right hand mustang gt costom paint I put it on my page for yous dudes to see 👍🏻 😁 👍🏻 peace ✌️

  • Congrats..the one thing that sets you apart from alot of youtubers is that you dont have your heads in the clouds...you are just a couple of regular guys that learn as you go with builds...keep it up !!!

  • Congratulations watched you for 4 years

  • Goonzquad really seem like good generous people really nice 👍🏼

  • I think I found your channel a year or so ago. I always wondered how did you guys obtain so much knowledge on cars since you guys are so young?

  • Have only caught a couple of episodes from these 2 guys. Gives me hope. Ideal for my 2 boys to turn out half as well.

  • 3 Million? Imagine being a 6 million , all is possible , I haven't seen a more positive channel.

    • It’s actually called a holocaust of subscribers

    • @길란해일리 chrisfix fellow subscriber here 👊

    • ChrisFix has 6 million

  • Sick builds, sick rips👌🤙

  • awesome rebuilding skills!!!buddies

  • Congrats on two mil! I have an s550 too and it was funny watching how when you wash it everytime you hit the door handles with water it unlocks and locks over and over 😂

  • You guys have came a long way haven't watched in 6 months and I like all the new projects yall have keep grinding can wait to see the shop

  • The Viper TA is definitely the best build you’ve had

    • @KingTazler25 I guess that's not happening I dont see the burned one anywhere so I think they just used the parts off it and got rid of it.

    • What about the custom Lamborghini that they were gonna build

    • I really cant tell the difference about the viper they had and the viper i saw on youtube.. It was at auction and TOTALED.

    • @ActuallyWicked oh

    • @Simon Hehl it's at their brother's house, that's the last time I heard about it.

  • These guys live a great life. Initiative and hard work pay off.

  • Congratulations on your 2 million subscribers, congratulations on this whole journey, thank you for all the wonderful contents and what's going on with the New garage that you guys are building? Also, I've been following your channel for like 3 years now and I'm super proud of you young brothers!!!! Remember don't forget that covid19 hasn't gone anywhere and I just want you guys to still be careful out there. Love from NYC the Bronx. ✌️ peace ✌️.

  • Look on your faces and the instant silence is priceless... love the Chanel keep the content coming

  • I’ve been here since you had 10k subscribers! CONGRATS GUYS!

  • Who still thinks the viper is still the coolest build they ever did?

    • Yea that viper is sick, I think it puts down over 650rwhp since it has heads and cam, all motor.

    • @RJ G me too

    • @Jason W left watn out to

    • @kemeshan moodley Thanks!

    • @Mark Stevens it's parked at his brother's house in a garage