Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Jeep Trackhawk Part 3

פורסם בתאריך 18 מאי 2020
This is where it gets fun!!! We finally got this beast to drive after being in a crazy rollover accident! This 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is going to need a good bit of work to be brought back to life, but we are making quite the progress. We can't wait to completely rip it apart and find all the damages. This build is going to be a crazy one so make sure to stay tuned. Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • I love the chemistry these brothers got 💯

    • Forreal bro its legendary.

    • Goon Squad you are the best

  • I love watching how you guys react to challenges. You just take them in stride . You all are a pleasure to watch.

  • I absolutely love your enthusiasm and ambition! I’m learning so much from your content and I just can’t get enough!

  • You boys care to make your driveway a showroom 😂 some of the dopest cars I've ever seen all in one place!!

  • great video interested to see what frame work it need!! always looking to learn more about it for my own builds

  • I really like how they explain the damages, it's well explained and they really look so happy👍👍👍👍 keep up the good work guys😉😉

  • this is so awesome man.... really appreciate your hard work and dedications

  • Bruhs, definitely one of my top fav channels! I've never worked with those quick jacks. However, it takes 2 seconds to throw a tire underneath with you. I've been a part of many forums in the past with the tragic story of a fellow enthusiast getting taken out bc they didn't take the time before crawling underneath. Stay safe and keep on dangin' son!

  • Y’all videos lit🔥 keep doing what y’all doing

  • 20:15 To prevent the side mirrors from going down when placed in reverse, all you gotta do is search for the little switch that lets you choose what mirror you want to fix and it should have 4 options, place the car in reverse and change between the options until you see the mirrors stay in the same place (straight) I hope this helps :D

  • We don’t mind watching 50 mins of Goonzquad like this if you all want this to happen 🤟🏻

  • This is one of my favorite builds from you guys, can't wait to see more!

  • You guys work so well together when investigating issues with the car in a methodical way. Enjoying the builds that you’ve done, outstanding guys

  • "I think we're good to drive this thing like, really carefully" "I think we should put this thing in launch control!" "I was thinking the exact same thing."

  • “Did you say Launch it?” Lmaooo sticking his head out the windshield. I almost choked laughing. Please make a shirt using this video thumbnail and above it write “Did you say Launch It?” Bahahah😂

    • that would be cool af id buy lmfao

  • Today, this episode with Dude and Dang Son: "I'm gonna launch it in reverse!" "NO DON'T DO THAT"

    • Thanks for the heart, Dude and Dang Son! Been watching since almost the very beginning! ♥️

    • Brother this is great. I love me some dude and dang son though. Good stuff

  • Love this channel! Best repair channel ever!!!!!

  • First TrackHawk rebuild I know of! Coming at you from the GoonZquad BOIZ of course! Back on track with awesome content (sorry, dads truck build/conversion was awesome; just was wanting that new project and you boys delivered!). Watching/checking daily boys! Hopefully that shop is close to completion so you guys can jam away in record time. IMO...don’t ever let go of where you’ve come from and what you have done and continue to do. It connects with everyone. All of us probably feel like we are you, and there’s a big connection because of that. You’ve got it nailed boys. Can’t wait to see what happens next...over the next 10 episodes, next year or even the next 5-10 years. Keep on being yourself, never lose sight of who you are (never change) and just keep doing you. Just my opinion but I have a feeling that’s the combo which makes you guys so successful. You’re REAL! Thank you so much for the content, entertainment and education!

  • Hey guys, the point of the mirror going down is so that while you’re reversing into a spot you can see the curb and not scratch those 24’s you’re about to put on haha keep up the good work guys. You two are badass, love watching the vids.

  • So far so good!!! That’s going to be a super nice build up just the other ones

  • "dang I can't believe this thing is actually driving after a full roll over" "Did you say launch it?" "NO!!" 😂😂😂😂 20:50

  • Love watching your videos guys keep up the good work! Just so you know the flag is backwards on your goon squad shirt. The stars go on the flag own right. They only go on your left shoulder if your dead

  • Daangson that is one legit rebuild project! I can't wait to see you guys and Vtune collaborate on getting this TrackHawk back on the road!

  • I think we should expect something special from these boys in the next couple years. Especially when they get there new garage. Possibly the next fast n loud (gas monkey). Got such high hopes for them.

  • Y’all have done two vehicles in a row now that I have wanted to own since they came out, the Gladiator and now the Trackhawk. Can’t wait for more videos on this beast!

  • "DID YOU SAY LAUNCH IT??" i spat out my tea at that part

  • Keep it up boys love every video of the build.

  • I can't imagine how that A-Pilar will ever seal with the windscreen... can't wait to see how you guys figure it out!

  • What a great colour for the car, love it.

  • You need to make longer videos.. Love watching you two...

  • Run flat its a special “guard” inside the tire that allow you to drive a few km at low speed with empty tire

    • Had them on a BMW X5 here in the UK. Very expensive tyres that can drive when flat. Unfortunately, once you’ve done that they are toast and have to be replaced. It’s an expensive, in the long run, of avoiding having to pay for a spare wheel. You’ve already got a good quality spare wheel. You’re not going to be afraid of jacking the car up to replace the flat tyre. Ditch the Runflats when they wear out. Don’t throw them away, they are VERY expensive. Keep up the good work.

    • Run flats tire are actually just super stuff side walls. Run flats are placed on normal wheels and regular tires can be put on the wheel that had a run flats on it.

    • joonatan saarinen yeah

    • yea but better than being stuck in the middle of no where. atleast you can slowly drive to the tire shop to have it replaced.

    • Get rid of the run flats, they don’t last long and always pop when you hit pot holes

  • Pretty amazing driving it after a roll over!

  • How well does that lift work? I've seen a few for sale... seems like it'd be helpful.

  • Hey guys love your videos! With the run-tlat tires you can go up to 50 miles, even if it's flat. Also since even the run-flat tires are repairable, i suggest taking those two bad tires to any of the Mexican tire shops! They will fix them for like $20. I live in Phoenix, AZ and when ever i get flat, i always go to the Mexican tire shops and they fix it for like $10... Don't ever take your tires to the dealers aka the (stealers) or to the Discount tire, because they will rip you off... Hope this helps and good luck on the fix! It's an awesome car. Cheers ;)

  • Those quick jacks are an amazing tool!!

  • When you take a hit like that to a cars wheels, it’s often times that the steering rack takes a lot of damage. You should replace that as well

    • Aussie...yeah, just to do I a roller its. OK but a vehicle that does 100 plus, well I wood triple check everything and get new or reconditioned parts.......even get a windshield and mock it up in opening test fit

    • r sprockets v tuned has the frame damage under control he can pull it out in half a second but not really as for the suspension they will be using it temporarily while they make a list of parts

    • Agreed every suspension. Component and attachment point should be triple checked, and put the jeep. On. A frame machine and shoot. Some do!tensions to seem if then whole unoit body is not racked or outa square....tough. Fix. A roll over

  • Great build and find! I've had all 4 Jeep GC series ('95, '99, '05, '15) and want a Trackhawk desperately but cant afford it (like most) and excited to see how things turn out with this build. I would suggest if you put a hitch, do the OEM but also depends if your going to keep stock or go cat back exhaust which usually have 2 or 4 pipes through the center bumper where a hitch would be. That rig should of had the upgraded sound system (think in video 2 it showed it on the sticker) so you should have 18 or 19 speakers if I'm correct. Amp should be under the rear seats. As far as the sunroof, either full send or don't...go full roof or the panoramic sunroof or don't at all. The small or standard one is nice, i have one in my '15 but a buddy has the bigger full roof and truly worth it. Otherwise, cant wait to see next video and progress, should be one heck of a grocery getter!

  • No Half Sends, Full Sends Only!!! Love it you guys. Keep up the cool builds and the awesome content.

  • Beware when you heat steel up like those tie rod ends and then quench it with water they become brittle and are a lot more prone to breaking. I know you all did that temporarily but you'll need to be really careful with those in the meantime. Normally you'd want to let the part cool very slowly after heating it up and bending it like that.

  • In reverse the mirrors go down so you can see the ground (lines) when parking. That feature can be turned off in your drive and safety settings 🙂

  • I must say I’ve only joined this Chanel about 2 months ago. after watching everything already I couldn’t have found a better channel , keep doing what you doing

    • Where have you been hiding ??

    • I know right. Same here. Great content. I watch it with my boys 5 and 9. They both love the content

    • Amazing to see such motivated dudes!

    • Ridhaa Ebrahim same here

  • “... especially after a roll over!” “did you say launch it??” “Nooooo!”

    • Robert King facts

  • Hell yeah guys , its in a lot better shape then it looks , can't wait to see this at the track

  • Lethal guys, 110% love it... Defo change the style of those wheels 👍

  • When you put the heat to that part you greatly hurt the strength of the material. It rearranged the metal molecules greatly. On suspension parts it’s best to replace it. I definitely saw the twist in the R/F CV axle. Why tow a boat with the track hawk then you got the F450 lol. Btw... how does the F450 do on fuel? What MPG is it getting?

  • That FR axle looked really bent when you made it spin on the lift, it is gonna vibrate like crazy if you don't replace it

    • 18:52 but they literally mention it multiple times...

    • It looks like it. It could be a warn out bushing

    • Yeah. If you don't replace that front axle it could damage the diff. Don't wanna do that.

    • drago light that’s not how it works no way for it to wobble the wheel

  • you dudes are bad ass. Great video..I hope to get a garage some day.


  • Hey guys I’m happy to see you all are doing a trackhawk. In the first video you all were wondering about the sensor in the center of the front lower bumper. That is the sonar for the radar controlled cruise control and the safety system, if I’m not mistaken that sensor may have to be recalibrated after the rebuild. If you look at the rear view mirror there is a camera and the rain sencing wipers. The head lights are auto leveling and have auto dim feature. At any rate I can’t wait to watch this build. I am a Grand Cherokee owner as well and I love it.

  • Incredible content through out this entire episode. Anybody else thinking don’t scuff the wheel when he pulled it out with the mini sledge hammer 😂 Almost OEM definitely needs to be a shirt. Launch it

  • "DID YOU SAY LAUNCH IT!!" needs to be a shirt.

  • Goonzquad IS Essential!!! Love this build especially with not keeping the GTR haha. "did you say LAUNCH IT!?"

  • damn. watching your channel is so relaxing. no stressing if smth is broking when playing with damaged cae. just having a good time. thanks dudes!

  • Молодцы !!! ТАК ДЕРЖАТЬ )))

  • Boys,cant wait to see this toy fixed Go Goonzquad!

  • The side mirrors angle down in reverse so you can see where your back tires are so you don’t curb the rims and it just works in conjunction with the back-up camera and rear view mirror.

    • Which is also a setting in the Command infotainment system that you can turn OFF.

  • That lift looks good but Maybe some traditional jack stands for some added safety would be good too

  • I wish my brother and I got along like this. Good content.

  • Can’t wait to see what new wheels you get!

  • This build is going to be awesome! What kinda jacks were you using when you were checking the wheels spinning?

  • Wow he actually looked kind of upset for the first time ever after the brake pad, but then 5 seconds after he happy again. Such good vibes lol

  • Hammer forged tie rods, Heat treated and annealed, state of the art nasa, i can't wait to watch the rest of the build!

  • I think the side mirrors automatically go down when you reverse in order to check for the pavements. Keep up with the good work, greetings from Greece !!!!

  • Actually, side mirrors going down is a feature let's you see the rear tires when going reverse

  • Lunch it boys its going to be one mean trackhawk when you boys are done with it can't wait keep up the hard work boys god bless to you and the family

  • YESSSSSSSS FAVORITE BUILD I can just feel it

  • La verdad todis sus proyectos me han encantado bastante, pero este proyecto es muy interesante porque es mi suv favorita en todos los aspectos me encanta ver los avances de cada proyecto pero este es el mejor para mi, ojala me la regalen cuando terminen. Nunca me pierdo ningún video de ustedes son geniales.

  • The mirrors move down when your reversing to show the curb. There should be a setting on the dash you can change with the steering wheel to turn off curb view.

  • The steering rack should definitely be replaced if it’s electric.

  • They can continue doing this type of project forever. Set for life!

  • Finally the third part,i can't wait to see how this project turns out

  • Wasn't too excited when you first revealed it. Didn't realize they had a special edition worth $ 90,000 of the Grand Cherokee. Now I am excited.

  • The mirrors adjusting in reverse can be changed in the settings found on the center screen. I had a 14 grand Cherokee limited that did the same thing. It was great for backing into parking spots though. Lol love watching your videos especially the Jeep videos! I’ve had 3 grand cherokees and loved all 3! Miss mine dearly!

  • Looking forward to next build. That Launch is sweet

  • You can disable the side-mirrors so they dont tilt down automatically when you go into reverse.

  • 🤣 I love how Thomas supervises everything. Edit: the mirrors can be programmed through the infotainment system.

  • Great channel! Would love some tips for a possible project I might get! Truck w side collision! Need 2 new doors and rocker panels replaced. It’s all I can afford and need a 4x4 in Montana! Thank you for any help!

  • Look at Thomas with his two big guard dogs, sitting proud!!

  • Honestly can’t remember if it’s in this video or the last but I’ve never been more surprised to hear that these two guys that will probably forget more about cars than most will ever know don’t know what run flats are😂

  • Good job, and most importantly, low repair costs!