Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 13

פורסם בתאריך 17 אפר 2019
After a crazy accident, this Lamborghini Huracan is starting to look alive again! We are moving along at an awesome pace and we hope to have this thing done soon. There are a few more things to accomplish but we are getting things done. Thanks For Watching A Be Sure To Follow Along!!!
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  • I’m legit hooked on watching these. They’re so satisfying

    • Prob one of my fav builds by them to date These guys rock for sure killing it in youtubeland 😎

    • Same

    • @Michael (STRANGE) Franke And wash his hands

    • Sounds like you need to have a cigarette after each video

    • Right I already watched all their videos

  • I've been a painter for 12 years and currently spray PPG Envirobase and Deltron. For a pearl white you needed a white sealer or what I use a lot for pearl whites is a 2 or 3 shade sealer essentially a really light grey. your dark sealer will give you a final darker look. Also you need to spray a let down panel to see how many top coats (2-4) you need to match whats currently on the car. With solvent paint as well with that Deltron a rule of thumb is if you think it's covered( the white base coat) put down 2 more coats.(doesn't apply to top coats like the pearl there). Lots of times you'll pull a car in the sun and you'll see right through it thinking its covered. I can help with anything else you got. just let me know

    • Sound advice. Listen to the pros !

    • Couldn't of said it better myself 🤙👌

  • After watching "B is for Bodge" for a long time its really cool to see someone doing the job properly and taking some pride in their work 👍

  • You guys are amazing, I've said it before but every now and again I'll say it....just so you don't forget. Your subscribers, views and likes far outstrip anybody I follow. Stay awesome boys

  • you guys are so addictive .... the rebuilds , music plus thomas of course ... keep it up guys ... great job ...

  • Just paint the whole car for 100% color match. Great videos!

    • They will its just temporary

    • Paint the whole car

    • @Izzy Estrada Not a giant spoiler but a spoiler similar to the performante would be perfect

    • i agree less hassle with color match little more work but worth it

    • Please put a giant spoiler on the lambo

  • These guys are so f'n talented...It amazes me how deep their knowledge is on all things auto. Very well done.

  • Love the videos guys. Coming from a DIYer like myself. Looks amazing! Nice seeing you guys rock the Ford truck and Lambos have always been my dream car since I was a kid. Looking forward to seeing it done and on the track.

  • Guys, you are killin' this one! I LOVE it! Shows there;s hope for ALL kinds of cars with y'all!...

  • Awesome job, guys! Really nice paint work!! I do want to echo what others have said in the comments - given the pearl paint and the level of repair needed for the car, I'd absolutely paint the entire thing. It's going to cost more time and money for the extra paint, but it's about the only way to be 100% confident that the pearl looks the same all the way around the car.

  • SUPER glad to hear you saw the color difference and will be painting the whole car. You would for sure regret it if you didn't. You're painting most of it anyway. It's not worth the risk! Looking good!!!

  • You boys are bad! Love this build! Keep these awesome videos coming!

  • Nice work boys, just awesome, keep up the good work!

  • I just found this channel a couple weeks ago and have been bing watching all the older videos . Best car channel I've found so far .

  • Good job guys love the car wish I can see it in person but nevertheless awesome job

  • Wow‼️ can’t believe you’re almost done! You’re moving so much faster then anyone else on ILaward‼️ Keep up the hard work 😓 お疲れ様でした

  • You two do great work, I'm curious did you paint the inside of the rear quarter panel?


  • I just started watching you guys yesterday, and now a just can`stop. Great job, great video, great music and great car :-) Keep up the excellent work. Peace and love from Norway.

  • You boys make a hell of a team! Always enjoy the new videos. I say just paint the whole car.

  • Paint the whole car! Put in work like The Goonz are known for!

    • Is it just me, or didn't we all hear them say they'd paint the whole car more than a 1000times

    • Thats a dumb idea the paint currently on the car from original is a verg expensive metalic white so why paint the car a cheap white than buy the touch up paint and paint the fender

    • @Timendi Causa Est Nescire 😭💀💀

    • jack hayes agreed. I wouldn’t waste my time blending. The roof is nothing. The hood looks bigger actually.

  • Great work on the paint job! You guys make it look easy... Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see the whole car painted and finished 👍🏼... BTW what camera do you guys use to make the videos?

  • Always perfect y'all always do it 💯 keep up the great job

  • wow, did not expect it to match that well. I would still repaint the entire thing. Great job!

  • Looks pretty close guys, keep up the great job fellas!

  • I believe the panels have to be in the same orientation as they will be on the car or the metallic will not lay properly. Looks great guys! Keep up the awesome content, I am really enjoying your videos.

  • I watched all 13 parts in 2 days and now I'm in withdrawal! I love cars and what y'all do is incredible. I got the stupidest smile on my face the first time it started

  • The paint looks perfect it matches the roof and rear bumper Good job boyz😎

  • Man, you guys have come a long way since I started watching your videos. I can still recall a time when you two were painting Jeeps in a makeshift paint booth that you all made. Keep up the excellent work and videos.

  • It really makes my day when a new goonzquad video comes up in my yt feed

  • I’m glad you guys are keeping the white color, it looks beautiful with the black wheels 🔥🙌👍

  • Hey Guys, Keep up the great work! If I may make a suggestion, any panels that you paint off the car will not match well if they aren't in the same orientation as installed on the car. Gravity has a minuscule impact on how the paint lays on the part, making metallics and pearls sensitive to variations.

  • Good job guys your passion is inspirational, cannot wait for this one to finish . Greetings from Dubai

  • Been watching this rebuild since Part 1 and have become obsessed with seeing the final turnout. You guys are doing an amazing job to be learning as you go and I envy your skill but appreciate it all the same! Also found out that you guys live nearby when you went to the Audi dealership and thought that was pretty badass. Keep doing what you do guys! Hopefully I'll be able to do this kind of stuff one day if I keep watching your videos.

  • One good thing to live in Europe is thanks to time difference right after dinner you can watch goonzquads videos on sofa chilling not scrolling netflix big shout-out to you guys 👍

    • Ye ;)

    • true... but if you wanne buy something from the Goonzquad shop you pay more for the shipping than the price of the stuf... :(


    • Shoutout from Italy 🇮🇹

    • @Markus Barna yea ik dude i forgot to put etc

  • Another great vid! Keep up the good work!

  • I watched all the 13 parts in one day! HAHAHAHA im waiting for the final result, keep the hard work guys! greetings from Mexico!

  • This is one of a few channels I don’t mind watching the commercials. Keep up the great work young men.

  • Please paint the whole car, it will be badass!! That paint is beautiful.. Great job so far guys, you will be the first channel to finish your hurricon..

  • World: **comes to an end** Billy: "It's no big dill." 😂😂😂

    • @ratatouille he spelled it on how they pronounce it with their Georgian accent.

    • @Caden Lol

    • Mr Beast r/wooosh

    • billy joe it's spelt wrong

    • "Alright gunna have to break down the whole car into a million pieces and then rebuild from the ground up better than OEM, no big dill.."

  • You guys do awesome work. I really think you need to just paint the whole car for uniformity of the color and pearl affects of the paint.

  • Pintura incrível 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Looks amazing well done guys

  • You guys do so awesome jobs Peace

  • I understand trying to cut cost BUT should of just painted the whole car from the jump. Good job though

    • Similar to regular TV shows, they’re extending content. Remember it’s not a race to the finish line, it’s just sometimes the journey is more important.

  • For maybe almost 2 years of painting experience for cars they do a damn good job.

  • Do these guys keep all of the cars rebuilt ? Or sell them? Love the work.

  • guys you doing an amazing job on mechanics and that's trully the first type of video of cars being put together I watched fully but making a paint job on your own for such ride is way different level, get the full body paint in the professional place before you master your paint job in 5-10 years.

  • I started watching when yous were restoring the mustang Yous have come a long way from there. Keep up the outstanding work guys😃

  • Paint guru here, even with high end paints, you’ve got to have a correct under shade otherwise it will be reflected to the final finish. So lay couple coats of white primer and also blend it to make sure the repair isnt noticable as well as the midcoat pearl. Glasurit, deltron tend to be thicker so I recommend 1:1 instead of 2:1. You guys are great!

    • Lamborghini tri coat white calls for a g1 undercoat (white) which is why the color is Gray compared to factory.

  • Well done Billy , that looks a top job on camera , you're getting really good at the spay painting side of the builds ..Bob in ozz .

  • The paint job looks spot-on the Goon Squad are some excellent job again

  • Paint the whole car! To lower dust you must hose the floor area your painting and get another exhaust fan! Great 👍🏽

  • I honestly loved watching you paint, as a painter & body man I look over and see others faults and try to help but you did surprisingly well I was iffy at first but other than those few particles on the ridge of the Qp you did very well

  • It’s almost done ✅ Keep up the great work 🛠

  • Perfect match to me! Well done guys :)

  • Happy Easter Boys, keep the vid's coming , can't wait to see the lambo finished.

  • I wanna buy a messed up lambo just to build it with you guys 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾!!! Dope vids man

  • I can truly say these videos are entertaining and educational. You guys have peaked my interest in cars and I've started taking notes on the different tools you use to rebuild cars for future reference. New viewer and I can't wait to catch up with all your other builds!

  • Just paint the whole car, that is the best way for 100%

    • Motty Ruttner yeah original paint just on the quarter pannel

    • One paint is not the best... there’s always something better. Now do you need better then new Oem lambs paint? Probably not

    • then not original paint which is best

  • You guys should get your own paint booth next to the garage it will be awesome 😎

  • I think this is the most exciting episode yet!!! Can’t wait for more

  • this is a great show! Kids doing something they love!!

  • I say y’all paint the whole car, even the inside of the Hood “trunk”. I’ve been subscribed since the Hellcat build. You guys have always been perfectionist and paid attention to even the smallest details and that’s what I like about y’all! Cmon boys, I know y’all can do it! 👌🏽

  • Guys just paint the whole car, thats the best way and makes sure that its the same color

    • 1k like

    • Was the the 1,000th like you’re welcome

    • Yunus Emre Izbudak I don’t think it matters since it’s literally perfect so🤷🏼‍♂️ but you do have a good point yh

    • Yh i was staying

    • Yunus Emre Izbudak if only you watched the vid to know that they are pritty much are doing the whole thing

  • May I make a suggestion what about painting the engine cover red with red highlights on the car it would look one of a kind and awesome! You guys do such nice work learning on the way my hat goes off to you guys!! Much love!!

  • Your videos are easily The best content in ILaward. I find myself always waiting for new video to show up. Greetings from Finland! - Pekka

  • Its amazing how much these kids know. Heck, they have done everything. Painting is not easy

  • olá amigos sou daqui brasil curto muito oque vcs faz parabens manda um salve para mim ai blz abraço

  • Nailed it boys! Great job

  • I'm new to the channel it's cool and positive what yall do .Do yall sell the cars or keep them

  • Great work guys all u need to that back of the car the rear light the rear bumper and it’s good to go nice guys 🤙

  • The newly painted quarter looks *almost* the exact same in the sun to me. I still think painting the entire car would be better for a truly complete match.

  • You may as well paint the entire car dude then you got a perfect match :)

    • Kevin I need you do paint my slash haha

    • Hey Kevin nice to see you checking goonzsquad out!

  • Great show guys it’s about time you get your own pop up type spray booth cheers

  • That lambo is coming together man...🔥 really can't wait for the final results. Watching from the Philippines!... Watching since the mustang build🔥👌.always loving the content.🔥

  • a cool looking wrap would actually be nice, just saying. keep the good work!

  • Love the channel and the builds! I do have one question, was "V-Tune" on the Ridgeland soccer team as well? He looks familiar. Keep up the good work!

  • Paint the whole car, beter be save than sorry after. Good luck whit your Lambo.

  • I love this project, good work guys