Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 2

פורסם בתאריך 18 מרץ 2019
This is where things get interesting! This is going to be an epic teardown of a super car that many won't show. However we are digging right in and can't wait to get it completely apart! We are moving in steps and the process seems to be very smooth. So stay tuned and follow along!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Your engine start problem is 100% the battery overload switch (part number: 4F0915519). It goes off when the car is involved in a accident, it is usually located in the fuse box left front side of the huracan. Get yourself a new one and you’re good to go!

    • @tzarist85123 a Lamborghini is an Italian car dude

    • Somebody in the comment section actually knows what they're talking about

    • Hu

    • My Lam starr and drive but switch off again

    • Hey

  • After all this time this is still one of my favorite builds. It's awesome how they're so optimistic and remember where everything goes back together lol

  • Love the new build, can't wait to see what you guys are going to do with it!!

  • As a teenager I dream of having a supercar, now that I've seen you guys building a wrecked cars, you inspire me to rebuild a supercar rather than buying a supercar. Thanks for making this channel.😇

  • Hey goonz keep up the good work! Don’t listen to some of these damn haters, it’s almost as if they came out as soon as you got this beauty but you guys are the realest ❤️👏🏽

  • Most components are shared between Huracan and R8. Specially all the main structures. The monocoque is the only thing that really differs from the R8 the front structure and engine structures are pretty much equal as they are both developed under the same roof. You can look also in VW for some parts as a lot is shared (specially electrical components which are the same within the whole VW group). I used to be Lamborghini factory race driver and if you need anything in particular you can’t find anywhere i’ll pass you a good contact inside over there. Keep it up!

  • So happy I found this channel, Very interesting to see how this goes great work guys!!

  • Great video and good job with the detailed rebuild. Keep it up!

  • this is awesome. just came across your channel. you guys are great!! looking forward to seeing thereat of the progress on this. they sell a lot of lambo parts on eBay for only a couple hundred as opposed to thousands. you guys should check it out. fiberglass parts as well. enjoy it, i feel like I'm there with you just as excited lol :)

  • Good work guys, love that you just dive in and get going on the task!

  • Engine start problems: I think that this might be a software-level kill switch blocking the engine starter. It's aim is preventing potential engine damage after the car's computer detected that the car was in an accident. You probably can disable it if you hook up a service computer to the car.

    • ​@Fords4life 91 I think that depends on the manufacturer. I got my salvage Mercedes GLK cheap from Copart because it was marked as "engine start program" instead of "run and drive" due to the abovementioned software-level kill switch.

    • Ur shuts the whole car down...they'll have to take it to the dealer

    • JacekUW those switches cut battery to the whole car.

  • There's a lot of love in there going on man building that lambo !! Kudos to you guys !!

  • This video never gets old,probably my favorite build in this channel.

  • Lambo's are hand built so basically all of the body panels and stuff can be adjusted to fit's pretty neat but can take hours. Lambo's also use weird parts and things you'd never expect. The entire car is basically unbolt old parts rebolt new parts. Should check if the cars still under warranty, also any welding needs to be done BY Lamborghini.

  • Well done you guys! Your practical approach is serving you well!

  • That reversed front wheel actually looks pretty cool.

  • Dudes, this is awsome to see... not only for this exotic car itself but I really enjoy you guys because of your enthousiasm and skills. Keep up the good work!

  • Love y'all guy's keep up the great work

  • I love you guys dedication and motivation to bringing Life to this Lamborghini 💯💪🏾🐐

  • I love the enthusiasm of these two. God helps those who help themselves. 👍

  • By far you guys are my favorite ILaward channel! No joke!!! If you guys need any advice let me know I’ve been dealing with exotic cars for the past 25 years!!! I’m pretty sure if you need parts you can’t get anywhere I do have the connection I do have people that I can get anything for you

  • Great works guys looking forward to watching that Lamborghini 👍🏻🙏🏻

  • It’s been a while since I’ve watched your rebuild videos. I think the last one was the F250. You guys have done a long way, keep it the growth and good work. The only thing I’d suggest is... wear some eye protection! You only get one set of eyes that need to last a lifetime.

  • Im really impressed with how modular the Lambo is - it looks like its been REALLY well designed for easy repair.

  • Thank you for a great youtube channel your the best keep up with the good work Hard work pays of when you are older

  • You guys are a huge inspiration! I loved the mustang gt build, and decided I wanted to rebuild cars too! I'm now a dealer with a shop! Seriously thank you guys goonzquad!

    • @Infuse Thanks for the info!

    • @Kuattro Doing it full time (Which I do), is all dependent on where you are and what you decide to rebuild. Truly a lot of it is skill, to be able go to do full time. You'll learn a lot of new common sense tools, and while being apart of the entire car business you'll need to adapt to everyone elses flow. Also just letting you know, salvage cars are a PAIN to sell as a dealer.

    • Is that what you do full time? And is it a good source of income for you or is it more of a side thing/hobby?

  • I remember when I used to work with my father, he is a collision repair man...but we did this in a small island. Trust me , those parts you removed. He would plastic stitch/weld and straighten the bumper and any plastic or sheet metal parts. We could even use the bumper as a mold, put some oil on it and make a fiberglass replacement. Shape those thin shert metal components back to shape. We'd probably only end up buying the rim and cooling things😅

  • I really feel great confidence when watching these boys. Maybe buy a salvaged and home reapired car from them .....

  • I love you guy's you take damaged and make them as good as new

  • Props to these two crazy buggers. And I like how they come at this honest. Not like they know it all The accents are hilarious juxtaposed to the lambo theme.

  • you guys should show before and after photos when you finish a build, wraps it up nicely.

  • Watching your videos is learning, educational and relaxing.

  • This front bumper looks so cool ; i would definately let it intact

  • This is all for the knowledge of mechanical/Automotive engineering! Definately interested to spectate all these mechanisms and parts/features, with the addition of lamborghini in this video. It fulfills the every aspect of why to watch it ;) Biggest fan of lamborghini since the age of 7.

  • That's a good job guys and I love ❤ you 👍

  • This channel is full with determination and always positive

    • Yeah!!

    • So true! Its why I am a sub too! Refreshing haha.

  • Use after market parts if you have too. Make it your own with mods, keep going with it, great work 👍

  • If only you were in Los Santos (GTA5) that thing would have been fixed for $300 and in 1 second. Edit: Wow i know this comment is old but thanks for 1k likes.🤗

    • Right man

    • instead of spending that just park in your garage it ll be fixed for free

    • I had the vacca Lamborghini and it got ruined and I paid like 10 dollars for it


    • Mavrikcod Lol I definitely own the most expensive and missed out pagassi in the world

  • Love the videos guys! I’ve seen this video pop up a few times but finally clicked it and I’m happy i did !

  • Looks decent with the steel wheels!

  • 1 million coming soon! I remember i was subbed when you had 200K you made such progress 😍💯

    • I think they blew up when they were building the Mustang Plus the Corvette

    • I have been watching since they have been building jeeps and the f-250

    • 2Twelve TV lol same but I was subbed when they have 209k

    • 0 ---> 100 real quick haha they gotta have something big planned for the 1 mil

    • 2Twelve TV does any one else get annoyed about how many times they say OEM

  • What a beautiful looking beast that is 👌

  • You guys got EXTREMELY lucky with this huracan. This could’ve been a million times worse if any of those under rocker panels, or that carbon fiber got damaged

  • I'm also enthusiastic about taking apart these things and put them together:) I wish we'd work together

  • "Sick" "Legit" You guys are becoming my favorite car rebuilders

  • Love how you guys are super clean and organized! Not a lot of youtube rebuilders realize how important (if not the most) it is!

    • you would love toms turbo garage too..

  • These are the restoration videos I like to see I hate watching the ones that are all time lapse without any commentary

  • The amount of haters and telling you guys what you're doing wrong are escalating pretty quick 😒😒😒. Not like the old days when everyone was positive. Pros and cons of being popular I guess

  • I usually hate these kind of videos, but these guys have me hooked.

  • I love the video! make me want to get one and fix it! thankks

  • Its probably not starting because of the fuel cut off safety switch, when cars are wrecked in a certain part close to the gas tank they have fuel safety switch that cuts power to the pump, this car probably has a much more advanced type of safety that keeps it from even turning over so try unhooking battery or plugging in a diagnostic tool and it will tell you everything going on with it.

  • You boys are great... best of luck!

  • You guys should definitely check out Vossen wheels for this build ;)

  • You guys freaking rock

  • From what I've read the Lambo uses an upgraded spaceframe, so the issues seen with the Audi R8's cracked spaceframe shouldn't be an issue

  • I think a video or livestream of you looking for parts would be sick. Great videos

  • It's so refreshing to see you guys using a full complement of tools. It's bloody frustrating to see bush mechanics botch together some half arsed fix simply because they aren't willing to get their wallets out.

  • Man I wish you guys had Access to a CNC MACHINE those things can make anything . It would be amazing cause you could literally remake all the brackets and parts you need and save THOUSANDS and I bet the ones you remake will be stronger and a better quality then what’s on there Stock ! Stay blessed boys 🏆🏎💨💨

  • If there is anything I've learned from this, it's that it is definitely crazy legit.

  • You guys are amazing.

  • Almost at 1 million. So glad to see your guys' channel growing and getting the recognition it deserves! Looking forward to many more videos!

  • The adjustment screws for the fenders seem to be an eu thing :D

  • Just found your videos. How come you don’t list prices and possible costs, definitely what the cars cost. To emphasize the diy savings of your work.

  • No screws were lost while making the disassembly of this Lambo. Meanwhile I would have lost 2/3 of all the screws of kid size version.

  • I don't know a whole lot about cars but I stumbled on this out of boredom and im kinda hooked.. this is fascinating! plus my almost 4 year old son will actually sit and watch it with me!!

  • Man this should be the build that gets you guys 1MILLION subs

    • Yeahhh they should just forget about that Nissan for a while lol i'm sure they don't want to work on it either now that they have one of these

    • Why do you people say cringe like that , so what , who cares , does your life revolve around brown nosing ?

    • daily driven H2 easily

    • i think they biuld this car before 1 mil, they move fast

    • facts

  • Sweet project guys!!! Many years ago, I bought a 1967 Shelby GT350 that had been damaged when it hit a telephone pole just behind the passenger door. The owner told me he was doing some holeshots trying to impress his new girlfriend. He ended up going sideways and hit the pole. The car needed a complete restoration as well as the crash damage repaired. As I stripped the car, I put hardware in zip bags and labeled the bag where they were taken from. It can be time-consuming, but it saved a lot of time because I knew where everything belonged. When it started to go back together, I wire-wheeled any hardware that was painted or rusted and refinished them. Of course, I had to buy some new hardware, but most of what came off of the car was reused. It saved me a lot of time and money. I say all this to say, don't lose your hardware and try to keep track as to where it goes.

  • No way front suspension is in good shape with rim damage like that

  • People’s just know what is Lamborghini brands is.. its amaze me to see how much engineering that cars has when u take it off , thanks

  • Taking lots of photos before you strip the car really helps a lot as well.

  • Check to see if there’s an inertia switch. That would 100% cause a non start after an accident

  • Well, I like the enthusiasm of you young men. This project is a huge undertaking! You all will get a baptism by fire here. This is not a car that can be put back together willey nilley. It needs to be put back to exact factory specs. The insurance is not dumb. They totaled this car, because the cost to put this back together to true factory spec is going to be extensive... I hope you guys learn a lot on this project and don’t take a bath on the final cost. These type of projects can put you into serious financial trouble in a hurry!

  • watching videos like this stresses me out thinking about all the different screws and having to put them in the same spot

  • The factory wheel in silver alloy looks great

  • Is it really enough to eyeball the frame and call it good because it has no visual kinks? How much tolerance is on the frame specs? How bad is it if they are off? Would you be able to fix a carbon fibre frame? Or am I overcomplicating things?

  • Happy 900k Boys!💪🏽Keep up the great work

  • Great work guys i am watching your videos from the jeep build

  • I always loved working on my own cars I got r boned in marched and hurt bad was thinking of a different career I love what you guys do .. do you go to school for any thing specific ?

  • Great. Just ran into another series I have to subscribe to. Lol. Love it!

  • His energy is more than the Huracan itself 😂🙂