Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 25

פורסם בתאריך 27 מאי 2019
HOW MUCH DID WE PAY? This is the most anticipated video for the Lamborghini Huracan rebuild and we are happy to share it with yo guys. This has been and amazing journey and there is a lot more to come in the future. We have been waiting on this moment for a long time and here it is. Enjoy and thanks for watching!!!
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  • This series of the Lamborghini rebuild was one of the most amazing videos I've seen on youtube!

    • Nah fam I skipped all of them

    • Awesome guys...

    • Agreed, most other channels just talk without actually doing anything.

    • junk can reason why i started following goozquad

    • NO CAP

  • over 110k? no prob! lets just turn this into a 25 part youtube series!

    • Would love to know how many episodes it would take you, especially when dropping every 2-3 days.

    • @H&P Customs and Lambo... don't forget ;)

    • Worth it for the long run. Look how many subs they have now

    • made 250k probably

    • @I Am Z1 Ladies don't give a crap about cars anyway. Lambos and other supercars attract more dudes than anything. But yeah if you want into the lambo game gallardo's are the cheapest way to go followed by the huracan.

  • Price average for this car is around 145.000$. Considering the previous "totaled" status, the car's value should be lower than that. If you add not 20000$ but 10000$ for the hours spent on this car, then you break even. The true benefit from this is knowledge and the satisfaction of working with your hands and brain, overcome problems and finding solutions. Good job

    • yea idk where you got 145 from George, maybe for an 04 gallardo? but I promise you youre not getting a Huracan for that price unless youre these guys here. last time I checked there well over 200k and that rarely changes regardless of the years difference.

    • Oil change for any type of lambo in NYC on average is about 1.5-3k including labour depending on the synthetic used lol. Don't be ridiculous even for a full 1000 mile regular interval service it cost 4-7k on average.

    • He could buy a second hand car instead

    • @SBdunks3 They make probably around 35-50k a month just in ad rev from the number of subs and views per video. That's not including merch and sponsor deals.

  • Amazing transformation guys!!! I have never seen anyone this young full talent, passion and excitement in rebuilding a car , I only came across your channel 2 days ago and have binged watched this project and I’m a new subscriber!!! I wish I knew people like you when I was younger here in UK 🇬🇧 You guys deserve all the success that comes to you! Keep up the good work 👊🏿👊🏿

  • I stumbled upon this last week but was impressed by your positive 'can do' attitude and perseverance. I'm hooked and inspired to keep working hard. Thanks and best wishes from Scotland, UK.

  • I love the transparency with your audience. You guys are awesome to watch and I look forward to future videos!

    • @Jack Tarasar your toilet transparency

    • @JP you're absolutely correct, I was just being a hater lol. I'm really surprised these guys blew up so fast, faster than Cletus!

    • @xxTyphoidI'm sure they like to keep certain things private to lead as normal life as possible. Go back and watch the original videos where they started with rebuilding an old Jeep. Why didn't there supposedly rich family provide them with expensive cars then? Look at other channels with half the subscribers buying $200k Ferrari's like Autovlog. Did they also have help from wealthy donors? Probably not. The money comes from the youtube preferred ad program and merchandise sales. Also, banks would lend them money if needed since they can show proof of earnings. These guys worked hard for the money and from what other auto channels have shown the monthly income can be large enough to put them in the top 1% of income earners in America.

    • I've seen some people mention Ukraine and money and subs. Wondering about the transparency

  • Nice work guys! I actually watched all 26 parts over the last 14 hours! 😂

    • What's the meaning of ur life?

    • I saw it all less than that lol

    • Aa

    • Same

    • omg , how could anyone stand hearing these kids for that long , And the ads were over the top.

  • Great to see young guys like you doing this stuff. Amazing videos, very satisfying and overall awesome to watch. Editing on point also. Cheers from Canada

  • You guys are a inspiration to enthusiasts, good job on the rebuild. Keep the projects coming along, looking forward to what's next

  • This is truly one of the best rebuilds I have seen on ILaward well done guys!

  • best binge watch of a series since the sopranos! massive respect to you guys. insane talent and just great attitudes. keep it legit

  • Really enjoyed watching this restoration! Congrats on all your success. You guys do great work!

  • Im sure the youtube views helped offset some costs, either way, I envy your tenacity to get it done from start to finish! Well done!

  • This series was awesome. Stumbled upon it, and absolutely loved it! So inspiring, transparent, and HUMBLE. Y’all have gained another subscriber straight from TN! Keep up the great work! Loved seeing you guys put in your time & dedication into this Lambo! 💕

  • Honestly, I have watched the entire Lamborghini rebuild experience. I have to say this is one of the best repair videos on this channel. Congratulations on completing the Lamborghini build process. Again you guys deserve it. Edit: Oh Mai Gosh, thank you everyone for the likes and comments. Its my first to ever reviece this much in a long time.

    • @CAM Jesus Christ is right, your comment makes you look pretentious. The expression 'safety first' exists for a reason. How are their points invalid when automotive safety specs exist for a reason. I can't tell if you're just blatantly trolling or not. You're the type that just goes hurdur when something important is obviously glaring. Just because you look things up on the internet doesn't make you a specialty expert.

    • I must admit U guys are the best i live in australia and the road rules not to mention the speed limit crap Are Bullshit . THIS IS WHY I HAVE MADE UP MY MIND TO COME TO THE GOOD OF USA AND PAY U GUYS TO RESTORE MY DREAM CAR I have a couple of italian cousins who live in LA SO I WILL BE THERE TOWARDS THE END OF THE YEAR GUYS NO PROBLEM SEE U THEN $$$$$

    • Any reputable repair collision center would shake there head and walk away from this car... and want no liability or part of potential lawsuit if car was sold....

    • @San Devon not wish for anything.... the fact is it's not OEM repair and it's not safe!

  • Thanks dudes, you guys are amazing with the wide range of work you do, and all with such extreme care and detail. Watching this car being rebuilt was fantastic, and the video production super great too. Thanks again,

  • You guys have some skill and patience. Not like a bunch of other youtubers just flexin' with their shit. You use your hands and knowledge to produce content.

  • Always great content, amazing builds. Love the channel

  • so much respect to you guys, such awesome job! its so freaking expensive to fix supersport car...and that's why even rich people willing to throw this shit when they comes to the bill

  • You guys are the most positive and amazing people I’ve seen

    • They are suuuper positive ! That’s is so legit. Only good energy on this channel :D

    • 195k kelly blue value

  • Awesome work guys!! You made this build look so easy. Got into arguments with my friends over how easy it can be to restore. You guys are very professional!

  • What an amazing series! I’d pay twice that with your quality of work 🥰

  • Hi guys I love your videos! And all the projects is nice ! 👌Keep doing what you doing. All the best!! 👍

  • So so worth it and for a fraction of it’s true value. Well done guys, amazing work. Loved your passion and enthusiasm and your positive attitudes throughout this project. London, uk

  • Thank you for the cost breakdown, it was amazing to see it in writing ;) Can you pls do this after every project car? That would be awesome and interesting ;) Keep it up Goonzquad! ;)

  • Congrats on a stunning rebuild of a great machine! The colour is really great and you did a magnificent job with the mechanics, especially taking on a car you don't know at all from before.

  • You brought the car in for wheel alignment and did it yourselves. Brilliant. Hehehe.

  • You guys did a freaking awesome job, so legit, was my first time watching something like that, very detailed just great.

  • Great job!! car looks amazing I seriously watched the whole rebuild like a TV series very entertaining watching you guys take apart the car and putting it back together good stuff should think about starting your own tv series just doing this I'm sure you would get a whole lot of views

  • Man I love how you guys are just about the cars. Too many youtubers start making the content more about themselves. Keep it up 👌

  • You guys did a great job! it was a pleasure watching you!

  • Great work guys, thanks for keeping your word and sharing the prices details

  • Nice video guys I love watching you guys and see the new builds also learn some new things 👍

  • Great videos - really enjoy them, I also enjoy the nice clean cut respectful presentation of the video’s. No trash talk, very nice! Just really talented, nice guys doing something we all enjoy & with fairly good quality camera & editing skills. Nice!

  • Man is their anything you guys can't do? Alignment, you guys are very knowledgeable man.

    • I honestly believe they should try doing wraps on a few cars

    • @10SecSleeper: you need knowledge and understanding to use machines too😂 A regular person would give up really easily, expand on the picture because that rebuild does need high Understanding and coverage of knowledge on areas.

    • @8SecSleeper perhaps, but these guys are bad ass.

    • @8SecSleeper I bet u are fun at parties.

  • An absolutely amazing job guys! and that scenery by the river was beautiful thanks!

  • U guys did such an amazing job with this project. What a journey that ended with success. Well done fellas 👌

  • Good job guys! I watched all the video, nice car, you did the great job guys! More power goozquad, 🥇🥇🏆👍

  • I watched 12 parts yesterday and 13 parts tonight. Just amazing what you guys and Thomas can do!

  • best rebuild channel on youtube. Educational, positive, uplifting.

  • Very enjoyable series! Well done guys, I liked it a lot!

  • Congratulations Goonzquad, on your new gorgeous Huracan! Incredible workmanship and what a project! From Melbourne, Australia. :)

  • Beautiful looking car! Well done guys. And awesome views!!!

  • Great videos, guys! Well done! Just wanted to ask if is it worth the trouble fixing such a wreck or just buy a used, already registered and insurance paid, one for around 149k-179k?

  • The lambo series was one of the most greatest build on ILaward I’ve ever enjoyed. Get another lambo and rebuild it

  • Awesome series guys!!! I love it from the beginning to the end! I would buy that Lambo if I have the money, just for having the Goonzquad car! BTW Lamborghini should give you a present for re building bright new their car!!! Congratulations! Forever subscribed right here!

  • Much respect to you guys, super awesome build and i enjoyed it from start to finnish! ✌💯🔥

  • Man this was probably one of the best edited videos you guys have done! Awesome mountain footage, vtuned visit etc. really enjoyed watching it! Thanks for sharing prices. ALOT of channels don’t do that, or undercut the prices. Glad I found this channel. I was hooked since the DF Goblin and binged watched the entire build during a weekend!! Awesome content! You guys look like some down to earth bros!! Keep up the good work! Wish you guys nothing but the best!! Cheers from Naples FL!!

  • You guys have become the youngest Lambo mechanics in history. I love to see how you have assembled/disassembled, test fitted and finally have it together. You know how to rebuild the body and have taken apart more than any Lamborghini owner ever has done. Keep up the great work and I'll be sure to keep watching.

  • your attention to detail on this car is amazing. If I had $150K, I would love to buy it and be proud to own a Goonzquad car. This has been an amazing build and I'm glad I found this channel. on ILaward. ~ James from Salisbury, NC

    • Brandon K they don’t sell 150k on eBay it’s 180 min 2 pacs car was sold for 1.5m for a bmw 😂

    • U know what they say, a dummy born every second.

    • Brandon K Tell Paul Newman’s estate that. His cars sold for double the going amounts.

    • @AxlRacing Do you know which celebrity owned this before the crash?

    • They sell for 180-230k and being that a celebrity owns this car it’s probably around 300-400k

  • keep up the good work guys!! and definitely stay humble

  • Awesome job on the restoration guys, I think more than anything you gained a ton of knowledge and quality time working on it side by side which is priceless! I think all in all these cars go for around $130 plus depending on where you buy it so you guys are in this restoration pretty deep if you are thinking resale. A question I had was where were you able to find an insurance company that will fully insure a car with " Full Coverage " insurance being that it has a Salvage/Restore Title ? I know in Arizona an insurance company will not place anything other than Liability insurance on a car/motorcycle with a Salvage title. Thanks for the video's guys it's been an awesome experience being part of this restoration, Very entertaining and I. Sure everyone learned something from this project 👍🏽👍🏽😎

  • the best rebuild ive seen absolutely amazing. Enjoyed watching each episode.

  • Great series ive watched every part! The editing is fantastic!!!!

  • The Goonz deserve it all, they've worked so hard and all of us have LEGIT been watching from the very beginning, DUDEEEE! Supporting from good old London, England

  • Love your work guys and the energy you put out HAPPY NEW YEAR TO the GOONZQUAD family be safe God bless God is love

  • Stumbled on the first vid and curiosity brought me to check out pt 2. Good content! You two work well off of each other! Keep it up!

  • awesome experience and work, thank you guys

  • Great job! I know this is ancient history by now...but really impressive. You're doing it right. Where does all that patience come from. I think $20K is way conservative for the work you all did on this beauty. Truly a work of art. How are you going to top this project? Good luck and take care.

  • Well done guys, i am very happy with the build. Congratz

  • Really really good job, awesome dedication guys!

  • inspirational videos :) you did a fantastic job and can be proud of you guys. Though I would say you can x3 the labor cost to be more realistic :P Cheers!

  • Awesome job! you guys killed it!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • hey goonzquad! I came across this build on the Huracan and I've watching the whole build from the beginning to the end and its awesome what you two are doing and I can't wait to see future build.

  • I've been around since the z06 and you guys have excelled so much. This channel is hands down the best car rebuild channel and I follow a bunch. From your builds, repairs, camera work, and editing you guys really do a fantastic job. Plus you guys actually get builds done in good time and you try to do almost everything you can yourself when others out source. Also do a Ducati rebuild!

  • What an amazing 25 part video love the exhaust guys..... Sounds amazing

  • Are you kidding me, its absolutely worth every penny. Outstanding work you guys!

  • Such good videos, quality of editing and content is super solid

  • I love this 25 part series of the Lamborghini rebuild, its totally inspiring!! Thank you Goonzquad..

  • We all waited for that boys Keep up the good work and content

  • Wow... Thank you for sharing, its just amazing works from you guys. Maybe take a while to watch from part 1 to part 25, its crazy but its worth it. Thank you Regards from Bali, Indonesia

  • You put honest efforts there, hope u guys get a good deal. As of my part, I would love to share ur content and subscribe to your amazing channel. :)

  • Great videos guys, I'm surprised on how well it came out. Did that car come with a salvage title? and you pulled way more parts off that parts car, mis clips and brackets, upper control arm ect...... either way great job, keep up the good work

  • Outstanding work guys , love your channel.

  • kinda stumbled on part one and ended up watching all 25 parts - awesome and inspiring, keep up the great work! peace!

    • seen the first one last week and now this one popped up for me. now I'm gonna make my way back thought the juicy in-between. wish me luck.

    • That's insane dude. Schtraight up leGIT!

    • Same here bro..😉

    • Same story! Lol!

    • Same!!! Hahaha. Lambo definitely my Dream car and the viper! 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  • 10 years back my father and i bought a salvage 96 Vipter GTS for 26k. Rebuilt it, repaired the frame, stuck twin turbos on it, drove the shit out of it and sold it for 37k. Dumped about 15k into it, but its one of my fondest memories growing up. This series makes me want to do another rebuild so bad

  • Great work guys!! That was LEGIT. Keep it up

  • You guys do great work. Nice to see young hard workers. Keep it up. Who decides who owns which finished car. Who drives what

  • So nice to see people create, construct and restore stuff to make video content, not destroy everything. Lovely Lambo, watched the whole series :) You're on the bright side of the youtube guys! Keep it up!

  • Goonzsquad GREAT build you are the one and only channel out there that does it RIGHT. And as a autobody shop owner of aprox. 100 cars a month. I would hire you too in a minute. Great video too. You deserve it love it. !!

    • N N I did say stfu to anyone so watch what you read or say. All I said was nothing but good to the goonzsquad !!!

    • Matthew Wolfe what do you mean? Too is the right word for this. Learn to spell

    • I Am Sekou what is your problem