Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 4

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This is one of the toughest challenges we have faced! Getting this totaled lamborghini huracan started for the first time after the wreck.This is also one of the most important steps in this rebuilding process! We are trying everything we can and we won't stop until she fires up! Stay tuned and follow along! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Hi guys! The BMS is located on the terminal of the battery. It is needed to regulate charging voltage, it is not related to the starter motor. In case the airbag system was activated, which is probable in this case, the main cable leading from the battery to the starter motor was cut off by a pyrotechnical device. You should measure the resistance between the battery positive pole and the dismounted main cable from the starter motor. If there's no connection, you have to change the pyrotechnical safety switch to a new one. When testing the starter motor with a battery, you have to clip the negative pole to the housing of the starter motor, and the positive clip goes to the bolted terminal from which you removed the main cable. You have to connect the positive bolt with the controller point (50) via a jumper wire.

    • My ford escape has one two

    • I was going to say ohm It out before you replace it. But you said it first.

    • I agree they need to check the disconnect that blows. However, they have battery power. The dash lights up. So would it really be that? I thought if those went, the whole electrical system shut down for safety reasons. See Samcrac's RS7 videos where he couldn't even get anything to open up.

    • @Eltty DJ yeah they clearly dont have much 12v or wiring experience lol

  • The starter is ok . The car is only 3 years old nothing will go wrong that starter. It the ground near the battery because of the accident and airbag when out . It switches off the patrol fuses ground so the car won’t catch on fire

  • Forget the starter. What you should be worried about is Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's, and ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust system.

    • Haha too funny

    • This some fast and furious stuff right here

  • I love how you're always so positive. Anything that happens just gets a "let's put in some extra work". Keep up the good work, guys!!

  • Love these videos guys. Wish my old buddies lived closer so we could do this stuff. Keep up the good work.

  • You guys are definitely the most positive people on ILaward!

    • And like a lot of people, that positivity brings me back week after week after week just to see what's happening and how they are going to deal with it.

    • @WhatsApp Stories and Trump colluded with russia am I right you sheep.

    • WhatsApp Stories Proof?

    • @WhatsApp Stories go peddle your BS someplace else

  • You guys are awesome - ambitious and unafraid to take on a huge project, learning as you go, and doing so resourcefully. I was proud of myself for basic projects until I saw what you guys are busting out. Like how you are taking a community approach, anyone who's leaving negative comments needs to go pound some sand. Thoroughly enjoying this.

  • hacen un muy buen trabajo chicos!!! saludos desde chile!!!

  • Congrats on 1 Million guys!! Great content everytime!

  • Such great content. Keep it up guys! Goes to show that 2 regular joe blow's can tackle anything with a positive mind-set and a goal in mind.


    • @Brandon Harper im like a 10 year old and i dont spell that bad and if your wondering why im watching this video im kinda a car kid lol

    • Plz keep comments respectful .obviously some people aren't listening

    • @RAY PRODUCIN "knowlage" LOL, talking about bad grammar😂

    • Screw driver to starter to solinoid and big wire from battery put together starter will spin hopply

  • Love the channel guys! It's awesome that this video and the last has been on trending videos! Almost a million views so far! I've been around since the mustang just got done! Have an awesome trip and much love from Wisconsin! p.s. The viper is by far my fave!

  • I just want to say I love your music choices. It is almost perfectly chosen for the situation. And it actually makes the build sound more exciting than it actually is lol. I'm curious if you guys play the music while you are working?

  • Your Cat is the perfect touch to a great build show, you guys rock! I hope to emulate this project one day soon!

  • Goon squad always up for a challenge... Time patience and always willing to ask the questions where you don't know will get you the answers you need good job team

  • Reminds me of an old goonzquad mustang vid. lots of chatter and good discussion about the car and 26 min length. The reason why i subbed to this channel in the first place...awesome.

    • @JayDaGod thank you sir. My feelings exactly. I love the hard work and the quality product they do do trying to hang in there. ;)

    • @Atul M awww. Me sorry. I hurt your feelings. Oh well get over it. I'm entitled to my opinions. Sorry.

    • @Julie Redmon ok first of all. Their unintelligible chattering makes them half a million dollars a year. They'll learn to get their message across more clearly eventually. You can take YOUR unintelligible chattering elsewhere . Thank you.

  • Great effort boys!!! ... I've been working on cars since i was 10 years old .. and I would NOT attempt half the stuff you guys are doing!!! :)

  • Bonjour , très bonne vidéo , continuez sur cette lancée , très très bien :) vous faites du très bon travail ;)

  • I think your starter test looked pretty legit to me. I would replace the starter. I'd suggest looking online because there are a lot of companies that rebuild them. I imagine that would save a lot of $$ while keeping the OE starter.

  • Awesome content! I love your work! Your video is in trending!

  • Hey guys, I found myself speaking to my monitor thinking yall would hear me. LOL To test a starter you need to provide the ground and the positive to the 2 big leads. The exposed wire is the ground ( the way you originally tested) and the terminal ( bolt to the left) just under the small terminal where u took off the smaller wire, is the positive. then you need to also get another positive to touch the smaller terminal. Basically what happens is the small wire is to tell the starter that its time to start the car and you need to jump forward to reach the flex plate ( attached to the crank shaft) to "turn the engine over" . After it jumps forward it then uses the power from the bigger terminals ( the reason why they are so beefy is to use up all those burst cranking amps from the battery to turn the crank and move those 10 pistons which are also under plenty compression) to turn the shaft of the starter. Hope this helps ;) If you wish to speak to me via phone, inbox me and we can arrange.

    • @Leigh Haines you are right, i did not realize where it led until u mentioned it. worked on a few with exposed ground leads from the terminal to the body of the starter already. so at a glimpse i assumed that was the same situation.

    • @Leigh Haines well hopefully the info you've given helps. Sure everyone just wants to see this thing start without any major outlaw on labour/parts

    • @Leigh Haines you are right, i did not even realized where it led until i just watched the video.

    • wrong....the exposed wire is the feed from the solenoid cap to the starter motor. been a Lucas repair agent since 1984 so I have tested my fair share. lol. you put the earth to any metal part of the starter and main feed to large terminal (without wire going to body of starter) then you can link to the small terminal to power up solenoid.

    • I just put the same thing lol

  • The small breaker cable will blow to disconnect the battery in the event of an accident. Also side note, The VAG cars use TripleSquare bolts all over.

  • Just wish I still had your energy all the power to you guys !!

  • Newly discovered you and subbed. As I binge watch these terrific videos, I'm playing a drinking game based on how many times VolksWagen shows up in this build. Being a VW gal, I kind of have to! If I had been there during this process I could have saved you sooooo much stress and time. My late father had a VW "farm" in west Texas. I cut my teeth on VWs, and have since learned that a lot of cars not only use many of the same parts, but are put together in similar ways. Modular assemblies and part-sharing cut costs, improve consistency and dependability, and make it MUCH easier on mechanics. I love the "can DO!" positive attitudes and willingness to say "I don't know, but let's find out". I bet when these guys find the emergency/accident fuel pump shut off they never forget it again.

  • I have seen a few channels doing a lambo rebuild and yours is the only one I will follow. You 2 are down to earth, humble, and don’t do to much talking. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • The starter body is ground and the big terminal is main positive battery power. The small connector is positive from the key/start button. Both need power to crank

  • Love to see them working on the engine instead of just body work

  • Man, a tiny V10 engine. 😂😂😂 I think you've never been in Europe. When we are talking about tiny engines we are talking about 3 cylinders and 1000ccm! 😂😂😂

  • Guys I literally love watching your channel, I'm subbed to tavarish, and B is for build. But yours is by far is the best! Keep it up , and best of luck with everything!

  • With a cat around to watch over, you know you're doing a good job.

  • GET THIS UP PLEASE! Just run a different cabel from negative battery pole to ground and start! My bmw has the same system on the positive pole. Your negative cabel now only allows a low current to ground, that's why the accessories are working and you hear only the starter/bendix clicking!

    • Ross Lawrence thanks dude :-)

    • #goonzquad this Auke BMW seems to on to somthing

    • Same starter technology in a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, etc, but your problem is the circuit breaker. It is just a fancy switch, that can be bypassed with a jumper cable... battery ground to the Lambo frame. Or use the ground wire from the VW in your backyard. Auke BMW gets my vote as the best diagnoser here.

  • Love the channel and the great videos. If you all are interested in putting twin turbos or something on the lambo you need to check out underground racing. They are the masters at putting twin turbos on Lamborghinis. They also have used super chargers for sale. You could look them up online or check out their Instagram page. They might could even help with the no start issue. Thanks for the videos and looking forward to this build.

  • You boys need an electrical meter to be able to test continuity of that battery cable and troubleshoot other things. Maybe invest in a good battery charger/tester too.

    • @beernutsonline They lack electrical knowledge for trouble shooting.

    • @Ali Khan Yeah.. Absolutely! They also say they should google things, I guess they're not. "Hey, let's just wing it on this Huracan!"

    • beernutsonline I feel like they also get ripped off buying parts from the dealer, they invest alot in parts

    • They have a multimeter in one of the scenes, they just lack knowledge of these cars. I cringe a lot.. :p

  • Nice work guys hope it will crank like a beast Soon

  • I remember when you had to pull the cars to the garage when started raining, now you have your own warehouse on your yard I’m so happy for guys.

  • The clicking is the trigger wire sending voltage to the bendix. That means the starting system is functioning properly. There are two wires going to the starter, ones the trigger wire and the other supplies voltage to spin the motor. You likely a break or an open circuit on that big red wire (4 gauge wire). To bench test the starter you need to hook the jumper cables as follows. Ground to case and positive cable to the wire nut where the thick 4 gauge wire goes. Then use a jumper from the nut to the trigger wire. This will activate the bendix and the starter rotor. Audi, Lamborghini, Ford, Honda they're all the same, just engineered by different idiots. Lol If you guys have any questions message me.

    • Samcrac had no power, no crank, no click.

    • Michael knight exactly samcrac had the same issue with his RS7

  • Man all of this is very interesting. Can't wait for the next vid!👍👍

  • Lamborghini : please contact the workshop Goonzsquad : we are the workshop. 🤣

    • Bard Polski lmao

    • Lol. That cracked me up as well.

    • Lamborghini : am i am joke to you??

    • Stupid computer....there is tons of workshops all over the world. Plus the computer doesn't specify what kind of workshop...a wood, a computer, a toy, etc.

    • How is this funny I guess people have different opinions but this isn’t funny


  • Great work guys!

  • You need an N253 battery interrupt igniter. I'm an Audi tech, looked up the wiring diagram for you.

    • @Leigh Haines you forgot Skoda is also owned by VW

    • @Ayden RFB Are you serious or just...?

    • @Ayden RFB Volkswagen owns both audi and Lamborghini, as well as bugatti and porsche, so basically they all share some parts, like a lot of parts.

    • The huracan is actually built in my town here in Germany. In the same factory where the r8 is built..

  • Hi it looks like a very nice job looking forward to the sequel, I am happy to watch all of your videos. they would be very eager to do so, but unfortunately it is not really possible in Hungary to buy a super car damaged for such amounts. just go on, all my appreciation! 👌👏👍🇭🇺😊

  • The click you are getting is the starter solenoid. That needs to engage before applying starter power or it won't turn. There is a relay that acts as as a delay between the two.

  • i know this is after the fact that you already started it. but the inertia switch may be bad. check it by measuring the electrical resistance, if low resistance, it is okay. if high, no good.

  • After finishing the lambo you should do 2019 cars lined up it will be amazing video 😍🔥

  • The clicking noise is the statersolenoid wich is engaging the starter gear to the flywheel, but nothing moore happens likely because the main positive (big) cable wich comes directly from the battery is cut off by a fuse or moore likely a some kind off «airbagrelay» wich cuts off when there is an accident. Maybe poorly explained, but I am Norwegian so 😅

    • Its the same problem DIY GUY had

    • yup, in my experience you're actually looking for a click, without that click you know you need to replace the solenoid.

    • Nr1 i believe its the airbag relay and needs to be changed.

    • @dahlern Can they direct the solenoid instead of relay input from airbag by hardwiring it?

    • Something holding the starter out from turning. The starter is fine.

  • I'm absolutely sure you guys will work it out. There must be someone who has the answer?? Good luck anyway xx

  • good job dude, you are amazing

  • Ground the housing on the starter, put positive on the big terminal on the starter (the terminal without the wire) Then jump the inside connector to the big red power wire. The gear should jump forward and spin.

  • I've been up all night watching these videos. Great stuff guys.

  • Guys to test the starter correctly put the (black)negative clip onto the body of the starter(to earth it) then the large bolt on connection (red)12v positive clip. Now make a jumper cable with a push fit connection for the small terminal and touch it of the 12v positive (red) then the pinion should shoot out the way it was doing. But should spin because you have both positive terminals energised👍🏼 1,starter body is 12v negative 2,bolt on terminal 12v positive 3,push connection 12v positive but only intermediately as this is what throws out the spindle 😉 good luck

  • Took me 4 videos to realize they are twins and not just one guy who keeps changing clothes

    • @Jay P true didnt think like that, I thought about it's full life time. Thought they would mess the car again. But looks like they did a great job too. So it's a lucky lambo after all.

    • @Kevin Kularathna Not that you'll actually see this a year later, but the alternative for this Lambo is that maybe it sits in the yard and rots or gets picked over like a vulture victim.

    • Dan Mart they've done dozens of cars you must,nt been watching they're one of the most watched channels on you tube

    • They're brother's not twins

    • BEAST MODE wait deadass

  • The "thin" barrel of the starter unit= solenoid. That solenoid appears to be somewhat functional. The wider barrel = electric motor...which doesn't appear to be getting any power from the solenoid. You should bench-test the electric motor to see if it is functional / spins freely. It appears the Huracan ECU has some sort of circuitry / programming that can specifically sense if the starter motor can spin or not.

  • The starter usually consist of 2 positive wiring, 1st one for the selenoid to come up, 2nd one to spin it (the big bolt terminal), the 2nd one is the one you have to test Btw, can you try crank the engine? Just to make sure the engine isn't locked with compression and all that? Let the engine starts / spin without any load first, not even compression

    • The engine should be fine, more than likely it should be fine because it ran when it wrecked and most of the damage was just panels

  • Great job guys...appreciate that

  • The starter has two positive terminals, the outer big stud has a battery cable connecting to it, this should have constant 12 volts, while the pin inside the connector will only have 12 volts when in cranking position. the outer stud provides starter motor with power while the pin inside the connector provides power for the starter solenoid. you were only giving power to the solenoid pin, you also need to give power to the outer stud to active the motor. The Battery cable has a safety pin on it exactly like a seat belt when the car gets in an accident, the fuse blows, cutting power off the car, you can simply bypass it and this is why I believe your car isn't starting, as the starter isn't getting 12volts on the big out stud due to the battery cable, you can temporary replace the battery cable with a jumper cable. BMW and mercedes and lots of new cars use similar safety features

    • Well said!

    • THAT actually makes sense, yes.

    • Listen to this guy, he's right. The reason the starter is only clicking is because it's only triggering the solenoid and throwing the gear out like you guys did on your test

    • They could also test the constant power wire that goes to the starter to verify that it is dead or putting out 12 volts. If they had a meter. lol

    • I agree with You

  • Great vids, you guys should have started with basics, power to starter, voltage drop test both to live and earth. Starter test, earth- the starter, red+ jump lead to bolt post where you removed fat wire, use seconded live wire to solenoid. Deano

  • Well, I like the enthusiasm of you young men. This project is a huge undertaking! You all will get a baptism by fire here. This is not a car that can be put back together willey nilley. It needs to be put back to exact factory specs. The insurance is not dumb. They totaled this car, because the cost to put this back together to true factory spec is going to be extensive... I hope you guys learn a lot on this project and don’t take a bath on the final cost. These type of projects can put you into serious financial trouble in a hurry!

  • I'm sure Tavarish would be happy to help you. Great videos.

  • since you are working contentiously on salvage cars, you need to make sure that you have the full requirements like the workshop manual, proper scan tool (i got MaxiDAS from Autel) which is really good and include those Lamborghini cars and their special functions + let me know if you need the workshop parts data

  • You can bypass it It may be part of the SRS system It's called the pyro fuse depending how it's wired You can get an aftermarket One Just use a regular piece of battery cable for now to jumper'll work fine

    • Wont work. Its chipped on the lambos and audis. Wont start without it. Its kinda like a key fob. Bypass will do no good

  • You need to connect both positive starter terminals together and then ground it on the starter housing

  • These guys are amazing!!

  • Starter is fine. PLEASE replace those bolts. Aluminum fasteners are a 1-time use item.

  • hello, have you checked whether the wiring is in order and how much voltage or the motor may come?

  • Take a OHM meter to that thing and see if the circuit still connected.... See if it has continuity..

    • @TK Mills The car runs !

    • Zero knowledge of basic starter wiring or anything 12v....they will blow some control modules sooner or later.$$$$$$

    • Hope they dont fry any electronic stuff with their trial and error type of problem solving. Blue smoke is very expensive to put back into a Lambo.

    • Maverick if it’s not throwing sparks it can’t be right. 😉👍

    • Better just to try untill they find a spot for it that doesnt make sparks fly...

  • Get an inertia switch for the battery. It’s preventing the starter from spinning.

  • What I really like about these young men is that they do not use any foul language. Aside from this they just seem fearless - taking on a wrecked Lamborghini,

  • You had it right from the begining, need to get the code reader and reset the the system. Clear the codes to start! ECU errors prevent start up.

  • when you see the work these trying to do with this car, you pretty much appricate the hard work lamborgihini puts into those cars, with all those details and things you never knew or see as customer or fan boy of their cars.

  • The R8 has the same start protection which blows after a crash. Just measure with a volt meter if you have 12 volts after the start protection cable. The R8 has the same clicking sound.

    • @john Farnsworth if they did test it properly but they didnt test like its supposed to be done.

  • What I enjoy about these guys is it as much the journey as it is the destination. Do it yourself and you’ll remember it for a lifetime.

  • Lmao never mind, guttersnake already took care of you guys. He's definitely one the best from AGX. And so is Jesse from Royalty Exotic Cars. Those two alone are the absolute best when it comes down to Exotic Cars.

  • That starter shouldnt be bad. I would imagine that one of the many ecu sensors tripped and needs to be reset. Most high dollar cars have fuel safety sensors that shut the fuel off when airbags are fired. And i would imagine the starter is the same.

  • You know if you could've gotten something on the starter to smack it would've been easier. Typically starter issues are brush related. Smacking it would help it engage. However with the mileage I highly doubt you have a starter issue.

  • Couple of things a meter in continuity would help in determining the cable going to the battery is open or closed , as for the the starter you're only powering the solenoid and not the brushes to the rotor of the motor , connect both of them together , this will make it both kick out and spin. reversing polarity to the solenoid will always make it kick out as its just an electromagnet polarity doesn't matter, also came across one instance where the starter would just click and all it needed was a good couple of whack on its body and it frees itself right away

    • do not smack a modern starter.....they have magnets inside to act as field coils. very easy to smash and makes a right mess.

  • Hey! I’m a new subscriber and I’ve enjoy the content until now! (Binge watching your vids lol). But I’ve been wondering what kind of camera are you guys using?

  • You should make a Facebook group forum that some of all the Goonzquad family can help you faster finish all the builds, that some fans that they can recommend parts that you can buy. Just suggesting #Goonquad4Life #FanFormThe Philippines

  • The inertia / shock sensor / "circuit breaker" is there to cut off power from the battery in the event of a crash... useful if you don't want your newly crashed car to catch fire.

  • Goonsquad is all about the challenge, hard work and learning on the way ! People who are complaining and saying negative things doesn’t understand that ! Come on boys cut some slack :) Be positive, kind and help each other !