Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 5

פורסם בתאריך 27 מרץ 2019
This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Will this smashed Lamborghini start for the first time after its collision? We did a ton of research and troubleshooting to try to figure this one out. However that alone wasn't enough. With the help of you guys and some exotic specialist we managed to work some magic!!! Check out what happens! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • You are some of the happiest youtubers I’ve seen in a long time! Keep up the great work!

    • .the CAT needs it's own CHANNEL!!!!!!

    • @CJ just show some kind of proof and then we might believe you

    • That car is already fixed ! Just trow on some part

    • @CJ Youre telling me with the unique skillset these intelligent men have and 1 Million subscribers on ILaward that they have someone else paying for them?? LMAOOOO

    • @CJ what's your proof cj

  • The way you guys view everything in a positive way is one of the reasons I enjoy your channel. Talking about that's the way you learn is when you run into a problem and that positivity always guides you to the right direction to find a way & fix the problem.

  • amazing how this guys work, they basically go blindfolded on how to fix a vehicle that most "shops" wouldn´t even touch, this is how yo dou things, trust yourself and your habilities and build your way up to achieve your goals, maybe soon we'll see them working on a bugatti, that would be awesome.

    • This is how you do things if you want to waste money especially on cars that cost hundreds of thousands

    • Going blindfold is going random and and adding problems to the car. In previous episodes he plug a wire to the positive then to the negative. I call that going random. Learn electric basics before working on a car.

    • Francisco Leyva you have a point and i understand you

  • man you guys are so much fun and i love to watch every rebuild you do, keep up the great work

  • I've seen these guys rebuild all their cars, but the excitement in their voices at sorting this out and getting it started, is nothing like I've seen before. love it, well done lads.

  • Marcgyver saves the day again😂 I swear he has more knowledge than a Lamborghini factory tech

    • The last video I was going to mention for Goonzquad to get a hold of Mark. I don't know if they reached out to him or he reached out to them? Great news!

    • Clark Kastory You said the Truth..👍🔧

  • Mad love and respect for you guys keep moving forward!!

  • 20:20, Totally Awesome Guys!!! I looked ahead and I know you finished with this car, but I'm very happy for you and I'll continue to watch this series to the end. I see the parts car coming and that's always great to have. I'm sure whatever you didn't use was resold to get back some hard earned cash.

  • Love watching this, any chance of you guys making a behind the scenes of the process of how you do this so if someone wanted to get started they could have a rough guide of where to start?

  • When he revved the Huracan it was beautiful 😍,i hope you guys get the car on the road soon because you both put in soo much into your rebuilds😀

  • I’m a big fan never missed a video ever since the mustang keep up the good work goonzquad!!!!

    • me tooo

    • Same

    • me too, these fellas are awesome, always surprise us with some awesome stuff

  • Good job guys !!!!! I love what you do. Keep up with the good work.

  • Well done boys been watching it since prt1 keep going can't wait to see the finished product. Sounds awesome guys.

  • I love how optimistic these guys are😂

  • I think I smiled as much as you guys did when it started!! Great job guys, props to guttersnake for helping ya'll out!! Keep moving forward an God bless ya'll!!

  • Huge props to Guttersnake! He's the best exotic mechanic out there.

  • Good job to watch your videos..cant wait to see final product..greetings from Europe..

  • Awesome, great work guys looking forward to more !

  • That sounded freakin' great!!! This channel is awesomely addictive! 🙂

  • That's insane! So glad you waked this beast up. Hope you'll not meet any other problems with this car!

  • Closing in on the 1 million subs, gone from Subaru and Fords to Dodge Vipers and Lambos. First class content, make it look easy lads. Keep up the superb work.

  • Dang right boys I’m proud of y’all keep up the good work

  • Well done boys looks and sounds great, nice progress!

  • Awesome teamwork guys! Happy to hear the grunt on the Lamborghini!

  • That excitement is contagious when it starts up, love seeing these old vids.

  • Mad respect to guttersnake!!! AGX saved the day!!!!

  • I knew you guys could do it. Never had a doubt. Keep up the great content

  • waiting patiently for you guys to hit that one million!!! you guys deserve it!!

  • Love watching you rebuilds much love from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺

  • It's crazy that I started watching at the end of the WRX rebuild and subscribed for the Mustang Rebuild around 400k, haven't missed an video since. Now you guys are at 988k about to hit 1mil. It's truly a milestone and I'm glad to be part of the family. Keep on making great content guys! Can't wait to see the Huracan finished. Cheers to 1mil!

  • Iove how the cat does all the work while these guy's just lay around.

  • I say you guys are going with twin turbos!! Love the channel and content you both bring. Thanks

  • Just wanted to give a shout out to you guys for doing this build series ! It's amazing to see how these supercars are built, keep up the great videos guys !

  • I love this series, cant wait too see the other videos that are already online!!

  • You guys rock .. I wish I could show you how i jumped out of my seat full of excitement when this thing started.. you guys are awesome..high 5.

  • So happy Guttersnake and the crew at AGX was able to help you guys out.

  • I’m pissed that I just started watching you guys.. absolutely love the channel

  • Almost 1mil keep up the hard work guys I’m loving all the videos

  • I was so happy for you both when it started :-D Great work Guttersnake!!!!

  • Great work guys!! Such a relief when it start! Internet is amazing

  • Guttersnake is the king of supercars 👍 + a good funny guy 😁 finally some heat in that engine 🍻

    • @Liviu Bla 🤣🤣🤣 stai linistit fra

    • @Everything Daily Aoleo nu zi asa ceva nici măcar în gluma. Îmi face prenumele de ras

    • @Liviu Bla esti rude cu Dragnea ? 🧐🤔 🤣🤣🤣

    • După nume pari roman 😀

    • @Ruiz Drei Irlandez same guttersnake but hes not from dde lol hes from AGX

  • There are not alot of video’s I fully watch without skipping ahead, and dang this is one of them. So entertaining to watch! Keep it going, ill be waiting for the next vid!

  • The clean up on the interior and the engine bay just made my day 😇

  • looks nicer and nicer every time good job guys :)

  • That engine started and it sounds awesome! Great job.

  • Guttersnake + Vtuned + samcrac + goonzquad was the collab I didnt know I wanted. You guys are the Avengers of the car rebuilders on ILaward, man! #legit

    • Billy Rudd Sam is a nice guy his videos are well organized I like him.

    • Do they rebuild n then sell these cars or just keep em ⁉️ ik if they fix a gtr n lambo ima keep them😂

    • Billy Rudd no u

    • Vtuned and Sam didint do anything tho loo

    • #legit AVENGERS

  • i felt like i was there when it started , good job fellas. i felt the same way when i bought my 95 camaro . it had a bad optispark and i couldnt figure out why it wouldnt start and when i figured it out is was the best feeling. now if i can find someone to tune it ill be in the game.

  • @Guttersnake Mark is an absolute legend. So glad he helped you guys. I could actually see how excited you guys were and how much you genuinely appreciated Mark's help. Awesome vlog!

  • The relief on Billy's face says it all! Probably the most intense vids you've done so far, (since the Lambo wouldn't start). Think all your subs breathed a sigh of relief all at the same time as Billy ;))) Nice work guys. Greetings from Cornwall.

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  • "we got something amazing on the way so you guys will be absolutely amazed" hahaha yall are absolutely awesome

  • It's nice to see youtubers with the same passion, work together, without racing or something else

  • That’s great someone with Knowledge helped you guys out getting it to start.!. One thing I love about ILaward and Instagram someone will let you know what you could be doing wrong or missing So big Shoutout to Gutter for keeping it real and I promise good karma will come his way

  • I almost cried when I hear the roar, I'm just a fan of your excitement for presenting the progress, guys!

  • Thanks for finally cleaning the engine. Its been driving me CRAZY.

    • no water spray on that LAMBO cuz yule screw up the electronics and wiring, and what a disaster that would be....................just a hand towel and cleaners

  • first channel i ever clicked the notification bell - cant wait for next episode - well done guys..awesome work and great entertainment

  • achei que a lambo se transformaria no galinheiro mais luxuoso da história! hahaha parabéns pela dedicação! estão fazendo um ótimo trabalho!

  • Quick tip, it helps to vacuum up as much dust as possible from the engine bay before you wet wipe it clean.

  • It's amazing to see how much love and support you're getting from the fans.. Guys, please do stand still for one moment and think about what you have achieved. Starting small, now doing exotics and supercars. One word: Respect! Grtz from Belgium

  • There are a lot of channels that rebuild cars etc. These brothers are young, determined and motivated. They don't have the best knowledge about cars but their approach is very like-able and engaging. Not to mention they are entertaining AF. Keep the vids coming!!!

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    • 24/7

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    • Lol dde promo

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