Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 7

פורסם בתאריך 3 אפר 2019
This is where one starts coming together and the other gets ripped apart! We have been waiting for this perfect opportunity and it finally happened. A perfect parts car for our wrecked Lamborghini Huracan. We can wait to rip the parts car apart and truly see what this car is made of. Thanks For Watching A Be Sure To Turn On Your Notifications!!!!
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  • Can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙌

    • @Royal Yahir Instablaster ;)

    • Sorry to be off topic but does someone know of a way to get back into an Instagram account? I was stupid lost the password. I love any help you can give me.

    • May Black46 todavia no esta de venta

    • iqcarlospinzon Yves but it Will be very cool!

    • Buenas hablo des de colombia cuanto vale el chasis del lamborghini saludos

  • Greetings from Brazil guys. Gotta admit I’ve become truly addicted to your videos. Keep up the good stuff, it’s satisfying to see how far you’ve come through hard work.

  • Great work guys! I'm looking forward to seeing y'all learn how to tig weld Aluminum. Keep up the excellent job, and take care.

  • awesome work brothers yous are legends, and you deserved to treat yourselves for all the hard work yous do.

  • This comes to show if you put passion into anything you can to work on great things

  • That box by frame is for the lift system. If you pull the front struts, box, pump assembly with wires n lines, should be worth around 7500-11000 as a kit

    • Hahahaha

    • @Nickdog 2424 chill dude, are you even a car dude xd

    • @Nickdog 2424 has talking about the whole kit. Not just the air struts.

    • No are you even a car person one of those air bags is about 2000 and both is 4000

  • Awesome channel, Y'all. I could watch this stuff all day. Keep it goin' boys!

  • New to this channel, I love the can do attitude of these guys. Most certainly some mad skills on display here.

  • Damn, I’m pumped with you guys! I feel like it’s my project right along with you. Keep going boys, looking like new!

  • Love the video's keep em coming boys. One rebuild at a time.

  • Suggestion: after this beauty is fixed, could u guys display the total cost of the whole project? (two wrecked lambo and including all the spare parts bought) it would be a cool comparison of the original price of the car and a fix it urself version

    • @Dude 32 I agree with you. It will always have a salvaged/wrecked title making it worth less than a non wrecked car. The insurance company paid off the owner rather than repairing it. I think they know more about the car than the Goonzquad.

    • It probably cost them more than to just buy a new one.

    • I always think this. Would be good. Tavarish did it with his last lambo.

  • What a great call on the parts car boys 🤙🤙 loving the series so far

  • Shoutout to goonzquad!!!! Y’all are really doing amazing things out here. Y’all fellas keep up the amazing work!!!!! I would love to meet y’all in person and see all y’all vehicles!!

  • Cannot wait for your next vid, man you guys are awesome! Keep it up!

  • Keep the passion going!

  • Congrats boyss proud of you you deserve it now road to 2millions😍😍

  • Hi guys, great channel and great work. Love what you guys do. Can you do a video on what cars you have held onto and what you have sold? Keep up the great work. A fan from down under Australia.

  • Love the car keep up the good work😀

  • Happy to see some young men being this constructive. The reward will be awesome when done. 😁👍

  • Goonquad. Absolutely impressed with all the builds. Cant get enough. Keep up the hard work.

  • You guys should go through the breakdown for what it costs each car to be completely fixed, like you did with the Mustang GT & F250. I would really like to see how much money it takes to fix up these "almost OEM" cars. Just a friendly thought. Love your videos and Thomas!

  • Great video, I am not into fixing cars, but your video makes it fun watching a great team at work.

  • This is some great stuff, really interesting to see this car come together in comparison to the B is for Build Huracan. Learning a ton, really interesting, thanks for doing this!

  • you gotta make these at least 45 minutes, make each car project a season :) amazing work guys!!!

  • Great Channel guys, your excitement is contagious!

  • New drinking game... every time one of y’all repeats what the other one says you gotta take a shot 🤣. Dang you guys are a hoot! Love this channel.

    • Dude!

    • if they did that they would be too drunk to rebuild the car

    • I show my dad these videos and that's the first thing he said wow

    • Or every time they say Legit!, LOL! Love this channel!

  • u guys are also a technician and i learn some new things from u guys.sometimes i usually feel i could be there teaming up but too bad im too far

  • Amazing job love this channel👍keep it up

  • As much money as you are making on your great video's I would suggest you concrete your parent's driveway. This would make it a lot easier to move the Lambo around between garages.

  • This series just goes to show, anytime you work on a vehicle things dont always go as planned, theres many steps to overcome and thats part of the fun to me.

  • I've been watching you guys forever and your consistency with uploads is amazing.. keep up the good work guys!

    • Thanks for noticing, it’s hard work but it’s worth it. We love our subscribers to much to keep them waiting

  • Love the outdoor built, just like the beginnings !

  • Yo me and my son freaking love your guys's videos and we always can't wait for the next one to come out! Hey maybe you guys could use the parts from that parts Lambo and turn your Lambo into an all wheel drive!😄🙏✌

  • When you look at how many things are inside you understand who this car cost so much!

  • Always respect you too when doing any job for rebuild... Love all your channels... 👍👍👍

  • Thomas is on fire with all his Management Skills!

    • @goonzquad He on fleek.🤣🤣

    • He’s on point

  • New subscriber! You boys are cool. Nice content !!! 👍🏼

  • Super dope looking good loving it now your ripping it apart and the other one is finally coming together 👌 super dope

  • Great project and you guys are doing great work.

  • Guys, I absolutely love your videos, you're my favourite channel to watch at the moment, so nothing but props to both of you. I do have one question though - would you maybe consider lowering the interlude music volume down a bit? I don't know if I'm the only one, but it just hurts my ears, because it's so much louder in comparison to the rest of the video, where you guys are talking at a much nicer volume. It's the only thing that bothers me, my hand is always on the volume button, and I can't watch a single video on one volume setting the whole way through. Other than that, the content is amazing, keep doing what you're doing - we love it!

  • 1 Million Followers! Again, congrats guys! Just proves that genuine, original and passionate content is appreciated by the people. Keep it coming.

  • “This wasn’t our calling” guys I urge to find your calling like these two amazing brothers, nothing more to life than doing exactly what you love for a living 🙏🏼

  • great job guys, keep it up

  • Im addicted to your channel now, respect the hustle!

  • Doing Great boys love what’s going on here. After a Lambo you guys should try a motorcycle I’m sure it would turn out well

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  • Absolutely love this channel. 🤙🏾

  • So happy you guys threw some gloves on. Stay smart & safe, boys

  • the door window on the spyder is different from the coupe, so be aware of that! congrats on the build!

  • I haven't been watching long, but I love that you guys are so respectful of one another and work together as a family. Very impressed with you gentlemen!

    • ReyGun, One of the first things I noticed when I first subscribed. Been here since the Mustang Gt :)

    • "Yes Sir!"

  • One of the best channels on ILaward 💪 hands down

  • Just started watching your channel yesterday love it havent missed a minutes of this yet or skip any of it been watching since part 1 and my girlfriend works for copart in are state love the videos so far

  • this sound of this engine is amazing.

  • At the end of this build Id love to see how much $$$ you guys saved by getting the donor Lambo, whole thing is super interesting!

  • One of my favorite channels. Keep up the dope content!

  • keep crushing it guys looks good so far!

  • The slowmo on the dumpster pick up with the music overlay had me DYING haha you guys are awesome.

  • Great video guys. Anxious to see the finished product. Have a great day.

  • 23:04 it's still alive, despite 22:47 look mess up. I felt so touched that this monster is still alive. I'm crying I can't wait to see it galloping down the road you guys are awesome

  • Nice to see the semi truck is coming together nice

  • Who remember when Thomas was a little kitty, not a big fluffy ball of hardworking cat😂

    • was just thinking about that rewatching the vid of the shop build lol

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  • Stumbled upon your channel a couple weeks ago. In heaven with all the content I had to watch. I am now caught up. Driving me

  • Goonzquad I love the work you guys be doing and the car keep it I wish I could and by the way the car is coming on good nice work guys so where can I learn

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  • Goonzquad I have a small question. I want to start rebuilding cars in my garage as well. What do you guys recommend for a first time builder? What car isn't gonna give me too many headaches and won't cost an arm and a leg to repair? I believe you guys started with Jeeps which makes perfect sense considering how simple they are to work on and generally speaking certain models can be on the cheap side of the automobile manufacturing spectrum.

  • Please keep in mind that there are professionals watching you. GoodLuck guys

  • I know you guys have a list of shop mods, but I think next up should be a multipurpose skidsteer because you guys seem to need them alot.

  • hey goonzquad great work i have question do you guys have a dealer licence or you signed up with a broker on copart because im trying to do the same work as you guys make some extra cash fixing cars thanks