Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 9

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You have to hear this thing rip!!! After getting all of the proper parts in we are finally getting this wrecked Lamborghini back on the road. We have some awesome things planned for this Huracan so stay tuned and foliow along!!! Thanks For Watching
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  • Thomas's Ferrari vs Your Lambo at the dragstrip.

    • zerializing ohhhhhh

    • 16:45 name music PLEASEEEEE

    • Funny

    • zerializing I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not, but the last part was a legit concern. I still liked your comment since it was hilarious anyways, unlike “Hay Mamacita” who only knows the toxic side of the internet thinks I’m being mean

  • Another excellent video! Love the lambo!

  • after seeing the tire ripped, I immediately checked the comments 😂

  • Lmao I came straight to the comments after that dude ripped that $500 tire 🤣🤣

  • Major props for not dogging tire dude. Much respect!

  • „We‘re missing half the car - but hey - no big deal!“ 😂 Man, I just love that optimism!!!

  • "Oh yall wanted the tire?" Nah bro we wanted the destroyed rim

    • It could've been a simple as a long shift man, we all forget things when we're short on sleep at the tailend of a shift. Just saying.

    • thats exactly what I was thinking lol

  • Looks like it could use some new rotors too. But I'm loving it you guys!! Keep it up!!!

  • Great video, keep up the good work guys!!! I love watching every video for this build. 👍🏼👍🏼

  • you could clearly see their mad faces after the guy broke the tire haha love u guys

    • @Mikey Cassey I noticed that, it's nice to be able to watch these without a fear of hearing someone drop a random f bomb.

    • wreak the tyre and make the client pay for it. great result!......

    • 6:19 i cant stop 😂😂

    • goonzquad Life Philosophy right there!

    • @Bryant NorCal Obviously they wanted the broken rim. LOL

  • always a uplifting positive time watching u guys .. keep up the great content 👍

  • Congrats on the partnership🎉looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for you guys 😁

  • *pulling tire of destroyed rim: Technician rips hole in tire: "ya'll wanted that tire?"

    • Yeah i feel like they should have bought them a new tire. Like why else would they be taking it off?!

  • It's real joy watching your projects guys! Keep up to good work !!

  • Billy didn’t take no chance letting him install the new tire... good on you bro

  • Damn this driveway has more horse power than whole honda dealership

  • It’s looking great can’t wait to see it finished 😎

  • I love how you guys are so humble you don't find that in a lot of youtubers

  • You guys are dope! I just binge watched the first 9 parts of the build! Much love from California! You guys are an inspiration to all! Keep up the great work!

  • "Aww, did you want the tire?" Noooo, we just want the completely destroyed rim. 😒

    • you are safer with a new tire, imagine it blows up at 200. And why not a new pirelli pzero ? no time for that :D ?

    • that moment just hurt me man

    • Good to go tire? No way!

    • And no one asked for his help! Lol

    • Wow he just destroyed a $247.00 good tire. Hope you boys got a great discount on that new tire.

  • Destroys $500 tire "Discount?" "I don't know, man"

    • “Oh did you want the tire?” “No ass hat I wanted the fucked up rim!”

    • Jeremy Lopes that tire was never coming off they were obviously struggling to get it off

    • Jeremy Lopes ask him don’t ask me

    • @Laith A. The rim is trash. Why would you want to rip a tire off from a trashed wheel ?

    • Jeremy Lopes he did not do it on purpose that tire was not coming off in one piece

  • I can't stress enough how much I love these guys

  • I love the relationship you two brothers have; and you two have a great relationship with the older brother. You have a great family. Mom and Dad did a good job with you boys. Love your channel and the joy that I continue to see with every episode.

  • Always make the amazing videos as you always makes.God bless you guys.

  • buying that second Lamborghini was very brilliant of you guys. . .

  • Ive just started watching yous! And you guys are amazing, love the content 👌🏽

  • Been watching from first vid, can't believe how fast you guys got this thing road worthy. Awesome dudes.

  • i came to your channel few month ago and loves it. Now going back to all you've done and can't stop watching. Thanks from an away place. You both are very nice, polite and humble. I do appreciate that attitude. All the best and keep the good work.

  • keep that wheel boys! hang it up as a trophy for your accomplishments! awesome job guys! keep up the great work! I work as a tech in Southwestern Ontario Canada and love doing what you guys do! cars and dogs are my life!

  • Y’all are so calm and happy! I would not be happy if my tire was messed up at the shop.

  • I'm exited to see the lambo completely fixed up its gonna look amazing

  • Just started watching and glad you guys are down to earth and humble. Great videos and attitude

  • u guys have one of the best collection of cars on youtube

  • Can't wait for all the panels and door to go on. Keep up the awesome work. Much love from Australia 👍

  • Nice work guys! keep up the good work.

  • Love this lambo build man I have been following u sense the I want to say the blue Jeep maybe it was ? Y’all do some awesome work and young skilled men keep up that amazing work y’all are jack of all trades almost from building garages steps cars trucks great to see the younger generation still actually still wanting to do it !!!!

  • You guys rock. I especially love that blue mustang build you guys did. That car is beautiful. Really great work goonzquad

  • A little pro tip. Try to heat up the aluminum before straightening it to avoid cracking 🤙

  • Props for keeping your cool with the tyre tech, I would've lost my sh*t at him!

  • U guys really did amazing job....!!! Well done 👍👍

  • That’s a nice collection of vehicles right there! Nice 👍🏻

  • You guys are awesome 👏 I love y’all videos

  • I would love to see you guys do a rebuild on an old school muscle car.

  • Love the channel and content guys! Keep it up. One point though, be careful leaving coolant on the ground. Animals are attracted to it, but if they lick it up it is deadly. Hate anything to happen to your extended crew!

  • I’m from the United Kingdom and loving your channel, great set of lads, just binge watching as many of your videos keep up the great work.

  • awesome videos, keep them coming !!! Greetings from Argentina !!!

  • You always put up the best and interesting content 😀😀

  • Ford Raptor should be the next build, that should be a great addition to the Goonz-Fleet

  • Subs are climbing fast I've been here since Thomas was a baby your channel is phenomenal I am so proud of all you boys have accomplished again great to the point content and a positive attitude has gotten you where you are .I also gotta say that your video editing skills are superb and requires a lot of dedication killer Videos !!!!

  • We all need that daily dose of goonzquad builds!!

  • Congratulations for 1 MILLION Subscribers !!!! Keep going and you deserved it

  • You guys are great I enjoy your videos By the way have you guys consider making a gallery garage where you keep all the complete cars just an idea 🤗

  • Greeting from Aruba I really enjoyed this video, you guys are awesome working in every single detail, congratulations for your goal......

  • Its cool seeing your hard work pay off. Can't wait to see it finished.

  • You guys are doing amazing job 👍

  • I'm new to the channel as of a couple hours ago. And I just wanna say nothing makes me happier than being able to binge watch you guys doing this build. Love the car and cant wait for a new episode.

  • Congrats on 1,000,000 you guys deserve it, your definitely the best rebuild channel on ILaward.

  • You should definitely make a clock out of the broken Lambo rim 🕰 😎

  • fave youtubers by far atm, good content and constant content. Keeps the interest going

  • Well done on the partnership with Vincero Watches guys .I hope there's many more to come .Keep up the great work .

  • As always the whole vlog was crazy... Keep it up guys...

  • Buddy(dog) needs some love as well from the the goonzsquad gang. Let’s make it happen

    • I was a about to comment that but it seems like you did it before me good job

    • Alex Mutugi I agree!

  • Loving this build it just gets better 😻

  • get ‘er done boys!! love the goonz

  • That lambo sounds like a beast keep up the great work goonsquad

  • 14:31 had me crackin up, love yalls videos keep it up !!!

  • Congrats for the partnership boys! We love to see you growing the channel!

  • porfavor pongan subtitulos en español . muy bueno el canal

  • Billy for the win with that magic eye! Great catch on that control arm, you get all the bomb pops you want ;)

  • You guys are doing some good work on your rebuilds, I recently finished rebuilding a 15 wrx for myself as the past few years of rebuilds I've done have been basic cars for family members... I might post a slide show video of it on YT when I get around to it... I don't know what your plans are for your next build but if your interested in another unique project maybe try building a Vaydor from a corvette or infinity...

  • Vids are always interesting boys. God bless you both

  • Turn the broke rim into a clock and hang it!

    • Turn that guy into hanging art 😁

    • naw, add to other junk parts and make a kinetic MOBILE outa them

  • I love the way you fixed up the car and made it look nice

  • Almost there! Damn those shifts were solid! Sounds like it just needs dialed in and aligned.

  • Driving me nuts having to wait for these Huracan updates but that's OK. I'll just binge watch all your previous builds! 😜👍

  • You boys need a torque wrench! But, you’re still doing a great job!

  • My heart sank when i saw metal coming through a perfectly good tire

    • Shit happens. Keep moving forward

    • @Daniel privat 1) Not as a trained professional. 2) Not with someone else's property. 3) Not with anything that damned expensive. None of these people know the quality and price of this whole vehicle when new. They treat it like some POS muscle car.

    • have you ever had an accident because of an exploding tyre while you were going 150 mph? Or because of an broken lower controlarm because of a damage you couldn´t see? Cant´t understand that!!

    • Yeah you guys got the patience of a saint!! He’s all “oh you wanted the tire?”!! Yeah bro I just need that sweet ass rim......😒

    • @Albrecht Beck It was only meant to be swapped over to the new wheel as a roller in the workshop....Im all for buying a new one after the wreck. I agree not safe

  • You guys should do a video sitting down explaining your plan for each car so we can get an idea what going on besides one car. Love the videos! Keep up the great work guys!

  • These guys are honestly an inspiration for me.. although I am not in the automotive field.. them working on exotics shows me that I can do more in my field.. thanks for that goonzquad..

  • “We’re missin half the car but not a big deal” That was great!