Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan

פורסם בתאריך 16 מרץ 2019
This is one of the craziest projects we have ever bought!!! This Lamborghini Huracan is going to be a tough one to revive, but I think we are the best candidates to make it happen! Follow along as we take this wrecked exotic and make it new again!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • This channel is going up so fking fast, Im happy for ya guys 💪

    • Thanks for the support!!!

  • Best thing about those cars is that the engine is in the back so usually they are ok after an accident.

    • Hello, Thanks for watching!❤ It's your lucky day we have a package🎁 for you Contact🔝🔝us🔝👆🎁🔝

    • but also it can possible to have an accident from back

    • @Melody teslas split in half tho so

    • Yeah, but the radiators and electronics are in the front so it does complicate things.

    • The girl that was driving probably didn’t care because she could buy another one with daddy’s money 💰

  • Is it just me or these builds have replaced my Netflix shows, keep doing your thang bros 💪🏽🔥

  • 9.1m views?! Epic. Currently rewatching this series as it’s the original one that introduced me to the channel! So much love.

  • Chill out for you guys !! Really good job that u are doing ! I wish i could be there with you some day or if you can help me on a wrecked car like that !!!

  • I don’t know how I was able to stumble across your first ever Jeep rebuild video, but I’ve been here ever since and can’t believe how much you guys have grown! Keep going up guys! 🤙🏻

    • Same here been here since the beginning

    • goonzquad i was watching when yall had 15k and then yall started up a go fund me for a garage yall were gonna buy

    • Glad you found us!!!

  • that's one awesome gift his reaction was worth every penny you paid for the boat congrats guys I'm pumped can't wait to see it in the water fyi love the color too!!

  • I watched quite a bit of rebuild videos but this series is by far my Favorite!

  • Vocês são fodas.., parabéns pelo trabalho, mas eu tenho, uma dúvida os carros que arrumam, é de vocês ou de clientes.!??

  • actually totally crazy to see them rebuilö the entire car in so many videos :D AWESOME

  • You guys might break YT server... Sweet build Goonz!! Enjoy the cruise y'all deserve it!

    • Servers

  • Been following you guys for a while now. Looking good. You guys inspired me to start my own lawn care channel.!

  • Amazing car can’t wait to see the rebuild

  • eu sou brasileiro e tambem assisto seus vídeos e são bem massa

  • That's cool. I'm happy for you guys.

  • I think this is the car rebuild that’ll put you guys over the 1million subscriber mark. Good work 👍🏽

  • wow dude,this is incredible...i really apreciate and recomand your videos,love from Romania

  • I appreciate that you have no profanity in your videos which allows me to show them to my high school collision repair classes. They really enjoy watching your videos and have learned a lot from them and they go hand in hand with some of the things we are working in the shop.

  • You guys really need to start telling us how much all of this cost.... Be nice to know if some of us can do this.

  • This is like the third time watching the whole Lambo series and it just brings back so many memories.

  • Check for impact sensors guys That might be all you need in order to fire it up

    • The impact sensors are part of the fuel system in some cases because there is an inertia switch on modern vehicles that if it's set off then it does not send power to the fuel pump That's how people can use neons and cavaliers for demo derbies is by looping the wires on the inertia switch to essentially bypass it

    • It’s for sure

  • didnt know it was possible to make driving on the highway look good and make me want to keep watching

  • #addicted! keep up the good work lads, this is awesome viewing

  • Awesome ride! Get er done boys!

  • I'm kind of surprised that it had such a massive front-end crash and the air bags just didn't pop.

    • I know this is late but there was an air bag that went off

  • Man the build lineup is filling every person's car dream👍👍

    • next car, bugatti

    • No kidding an I’m stuck on an 05 blck srt too haha

  • Hey man, I just seen that u was having struggle with the tire situation on the huracan. Next time u come up to these kind of problem, just build u a dolly so that way u can roll it around shouldn't come off or break depending on how u build it. It's very handy trust me I'm not lying I put my engine car everything on it n it's helps a lot. Keep up with the good work boys. Hope u read this.

  • Hey from the UK lads, be great to see you take on a Porsche at some point, I know you have covered many great cars, so maybe a Porsche will come along soon. I recommend not a Porsche 924, ask me why? classic Porsche nightmare's haha, but hey still fun once they are fixed up :) Keep up the great work!

  • I enjoy your videos very much !! I wish you could go on Copart and to the best of your ability try to give a cost estimate for repairs . like myself most all your viewers are clueless in the aspect of costs.

  • Good job guys and wishing succeeding on your project. Do you mind letting me know the address from which you bought the car? I am interested to do the same buying one and rebuilding it...

  • this might be your longest, most ambitious and most expensive rebuild project yet!

    • @l3anzai th

    • @l3anzai they will it for free because it’s broken you

    • Rahul Mohammed hhgdd

    • @l3anzai A light cover is 5K U.S come on these guys surely don't have a pocketbook thar this project Right?

    • lotusjag garage what isn’t he rebuilding

  • The episode that took this channel to the next level is this

  • Bradenton is beautiful, I didn’t follow you guys then. But I started just as you guys started re-building the track hawk. Look forward to more videos!

  • Thanks for providing us with entertainment! :)

  • Watching this channel is fun to watch. The Lambo is my dream car, Dangggg Sonnnnn.,you guys are fun to watch. I drive a 18 wheeler and I deliver in Chattanooga sometimes and I be asking people if they know of you guys and the response is crazy.i liked the Mustang build too. Great job. Come to find out ,my son has been watching you guys too lol. Ok guys keep the builds coning. I would love to see a street bike build Gsxr1000. . Ok fellas,I hope u read this comment ,if so I'd like a shout out . Daang Sonnnnn!!!!

  • I love these guys' temperament. Their personalities are so humble. Very enjoyable to watch.

  • Love what you do man !

  • I love the optimism and technical aptitude of the Goonsquid. I wish you best of luck with the Lambo!

  • I just subscribed to your Channel and I'm looking forward to viewing your content!

  • Hello, congratulations on the project! Just out of curiosity, what was the cost of the purchase? Was it expensive or cheap? A big hug from a fan from southern Brazil.

  • Wow from buying a salvaged jeep to a wrecked lambo, proud of you boys!

    • Fr they came so far

    • Thanks for the support!!!

  • I enjoyed all the builds that you guys do

  • you guys are great! new sub here :-D

  • You guys should try to loop the coolant so it doesn't run out. Love the channel

  • Goonzsquad i love your videos 1000% and congratulations 👏 on hitting 1,000,000 subscribers

  • I've been here since the mustang build and now a fricking hurracan. I would like to say a big thanks to you guys , you're the reason I got into cars and you inspired me to start my own builds so THANK YOU 🙏🙏🙏

    • Same. Arrived at the begining of the Mustang. Watched back all the builds and houses. Dude I love watching them

    • George 189 funny thing is George they inspired me also I am almost 60 and worked as a mechanic and body repair guy for a long time and these guys got me back into doing my own thing 👍🏻 they awesome respectful gentlemen and not afraid to try anything as they say legit !!!!! Take care. BK

  • Im happy for you guys for doing what you love!

  • No wonder a Volkswagen wheel fits. Finally, the Lamborghini is part of the VW Group.

  • imagine daily driving a lambo with a vw spare tire

    • @ArcadeCraze :‘(

    • @Robert Domeier they do own audi and lots more lol

    • But its still a lambo

    • @4geraRS Official are you trolling or something? Or drunken?

    • @thegaym0r1337 vw also almost built tanks for the nazis

  • Me: No way he can repair this goonzquad: Hold my beer

  • Ok I thought the viper was gonna be the best build 😂😂 looks like I was definitely wrong 😂 Can’t wait to see it finished

  • Awesome video thank you for sharing. New to the channel.

  • I love coming back to the lambo vids favorite rebuild by far would love to see another supercar.

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  • Yes it’s definitely a greeaaattt idea to leave the light on, when the engine can’t charge the battery...

  • I really appreciate that you guys powerwashed the thing before rolling it into the shop. Annoys the crap out of me when Chris (BisforBuild) starts work on a dirty car.

    • I bet you tube tells them what to buy and built at the same time

    • Dude no joke b is for build and them keep building the same cars at the time

  • I lowkey shed a tear when I saw how bad the front looked 😭

  • Seeing such a beautiful car in this state hurts the soul

  • Crazy. Love it. Good luck lads... sub’d. Can Do Attitude you Yanks are famous for. 🏆

  • this is some great stuff guys

  • Road to 1M! Congrats on buying a Lamborghini keep up the great work!

  • Great work guys, totally amazed how dedicated you are and your drive to finish your builds. Totally sure you are going sky high on ILaward! P.S - would have been epic to see you test your rides on the strip n track. Regards from Sweden,

  • True definition of work with what you have and better tools will be found along the way! Fantastic video guys. I'm so glad this was recommended.

  • Alright, this is the video that made me want one. Would you ever sell that one?

  • its so weird seeing this guy drive on the roads that i drive on everyday

  • Congrats on the big move! I was dipping some a couple years back, but I don't have the capability where I live now due to space and such. However, I'm hoping to get a house in the next year or two and pick it back up! Love watching the videos still though!

  • I really love hard working people like you dears

  • I love you guys channel!!! I finished the viper build and now starting the huracan video and then moving to the 458!

  • Doors need to be completely closed with seat belts in order to complete the starting mode.

  • I wish I could have all the videos of you fixing this Lamborghini right now! You guys need to be on Netflix or something! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Subscribed because of this video. What an effort!!!

  • get it driving and only show off the drivers side and you're golden. everybody at the drive through windows will love it.

  • This video made me a fan. Crazy to see how far you came

  • just fix it with some ramen noodles

  • Yessssss even more good content so happy 😁🙏 keep up the good work goonsquad

    • Rohan Bhoir oh well

    • Yo Mann, its Goonzquad dude

  • Cool to go back and start to binge watch all the content you have shot before I started watching before. Amazing the changes of your garage, ie lift, all the parts stacked up, the helicopter, haha

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  • This is the first ever build I watched from there channel,and am watching it again 3:40 I remember them saying that they were jobless this is to show to never give up

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  • Did the old owner see this?? That’s crazy y’all took it!

  • Hey guys I know I’m really late but I was wondering how much did that “retail value” go for the hurracan? Very passionate about cars and was thinking about starting something similar with my family member in the car industry

  • A Huracan?! This channel keeps getting better and better! Keep up the great work guys, I can’t wait to see this build finished.

    • The Aventador have scissor doors,not the Huracan

    • @Noah310 and @Sea rice Doors used on top model Lamborghinis are called SCISSOR doors, not butterfly doors or "Lambo doors". They are very different from butterfly doors.

    • @Noah Murphy True!

    • Same! A Lamborghini without lambo doors just isn’t right lol

    • They could always get a kit for the butterflies doors