Rebuilding The Worlds Biggest Forklift!!!

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This is going to be an epic rebuilding journey!!! This massive piece of heavy equipment is going to make our job a whole lot easier. We purchased this loader from an insurance auction which minor dents and scratches as the damage report. However upon further inspection we noticed it was a lot worse than that. This is definitely going to take our knowledge to a different level and we are happy to share it with you guys! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • A couple of things. 1- The extend cylinder is most likely not working for lack of fluid. 2- When the driver was pulling it off the trailer, it looked like the rear wheels where tilted in (camber) which means you are most likely gonna have to change the king pins. that would explain the hard turning he had after it was brought off the trailer and the tire wear. Nice unit !! Good luck!! Parts are easy to come by. If you need anything quick, i'm in atlanta and can get all you need here..

    • I just stumbled on your video. No one can over emphasize the need for cylinder locks. There is a video out there of two guys stepping under a crane on its side, hoisted 8' in the air. When the lift failed, their reaction time wasn't even close. The only thing saving them were the out riggers and they walked away, but worse for the wear. We'd like to see survive your learning experience.

    • Droeveg! Wat äl gebuerd hier..

    • i dont think they are called king pins? are you reffering to the castle nuts or some other suspension part? ive only heard of kings pins as the link on a 5th wheel semi trailer

    • I would do a full disassembly of the hydrolics and clean everything, change oil and look for cylinder wear on the boom. Might also be air in the cylinder and they change the lines as a very small amount of it will make it not function. Might also be pump wear I would check the gpm for the pump and see the output it makes

    • William Ezell yeah. I say throw some oil in it and if not pull it off and send it for a rebuild. I would say for them to do it themselves but I’ve personally never rebuilt one with a check valve

  • It was very sketchy being under that lifted boom, especially with that hydraulic leak. I was worried the entire time for y’all’s safety.

    • @DaMadHattahTTV they did some research on it, apparently it reduces the blood flow to the part of the brain that deals with instinctive behaviour.

    • @markcomptube narrow minded much judging someone on the way they wear a hat...

    • I know its a thing I have, but I have never met much in the way of common sense in anyone who continually wears a baseball hat round the wrong way. Unless its a farm mechanic who has pushed the peak out of the way to complete a task. Standing under the boom did not surprise me. Its a big no for any professional! Although this clip is sketchy in many ways.

    • I mean it’s Darwinism

    • Not even the leak, the fact that some of the lines can be old and pop at anytime. I've actually seen one fail on a man basket on a construction site. They were newer and seemed to have some type of safety lock though. The hose just failed and it was locked pretty low so it was easy to climb down.

  • Can't wait to see this project come along. You guys sure hid it well, meaning you got it before the fence went up, lol.

  • As a general mechanic(diesel/heavy equipment) for several years , I wish I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with these guys. Yes they are young but they need proper guidance before someone gets hurt. I suggest looking at some operating safety videos

  • Looking forward to this build, I used to drive all sizes of forklifts on an aircraft carrier in the Navy, fun stuff. Enough people have commented on the safety aspect, I'll just say that none of the repairs are rocket science, a little research and understanding and you can do any of the repairs at home. Definitely more dangerous than a car or truck though.

  • Just a heads up, never stand under the boom. I’ve seen a hydraulic line blow out and the boom fall down quicker than you can move! Be safe guys

    • My guess is someone gets hurt within six months. These guys are playing a game they know nothing about. Good luck boys.

    • @Maxfusionatb agree on that one there ! i drive a machine similar to this that lift shipping containers and these machines are very unforgiving take care when using this machine and keep away from power lines .

    • Usually these kind of hydraulic circuits have shock valves, that when sudden lost of pressure, they lock! It's possible that, for the noise on that it has something blocking the oil circuit! or a bad valve! Shouldn't be difficult to pin point the fault! Good luck guys!

    • @goonzquad there might be a bar somewhere on the machine to put in that bracket on the boom with some pins

  • Man u guys never seem to amaze me with the stuff yall come up with cant waite to see the new shop go up keep it up

  • Way to keep it interesting boys. Well done!

  • You got yourselves into one of your best builds to watch. A new shop needs a restored forklift to match.

  • That’s a cool project right there. I’d say scrape all that rust, clean the hell out of it and give it one hell of a paint job after all issues have been fixed!

  • The 2 brake pedals, one is the brake and the other one is called a inching pedal or inching brake. It is used when you need to increase engine rpms for your hydraulics without taking it out of gear and to inch up on what ever you are moving, like using a clutch. This Forklift should work the same way. I was a Forklift Mechanic for about 14 years at a Nissan and then a Mitsubishi Forklift Dealer. If I'm wrong? I'm sure someone will let me know, I don't think I am but What can I say. Congratulations guys you will get some good use out of it. Just keep it serviced regularly and don't abuse it.

    • The fact that back tires rubbed badly in tight turning makes me wonder if these are the wrong wheels. Should this thing be on different (smaller, non-air, etc.) tires and wheels?

    • Well, you need to send these dudes some mad emails on how this sucka works....I was nervous as a "ho" in church when he came past the corner and almost ran into the grass wall....Hahahaha!!!!!

    • Its basically a clutch .... I clutch kick the crap out of my forky at work 🤭😁🤭🤫

    • Also allows faster lifting if you push that pedal and increase rpms

    • Haven't driven one like theirs before but that is certainly true for anything I have driven. Just don't use the inching brake when moving at speed

  • Be aware of your surroundings when using the forklift and watch out for the power lines. Be safe and love the great content keep up the great work.

  • That is a BEAST of a lift!!! That will def come in handy at the NEW SHOP ( when it’s built) AWESOME SCORE 👏👏

  • As a forklift mechanic, I can def get behind this build!

  • The two small cylinders on the boom base,are leveling cylinders to keep the forks level with ground as you lift the boom up,and levels up as you lower the boom.check all cylinder at the rod surface for nicks,and scratches which should have been inspected before buying ,as repairs can be costly

  • Finally something I know a little about, lol. Detroit Diesel has been around longer than your pop's. They are popular industrial engine's built by GM. Very easy to work on and parts are readily available. For boom extension try setting the e-brake. Some models require the e-brake set because of stability issues if the equipment moves while it is extended. A GradeAll service manual will be a huge blessing. Those look like semi tires but they are actually industrial tires and the steering tires wear a bit faster for obvious reasons. If you need operational help feel free to let me know but I'm sure you have a friend in a warehouse that can help you. As you've already discovered rear wheel steering is a bit different but it will also get you places front wheel can not. Now invest in a hydrolic crimper, lol.

    • @RichardBodeker That was a hard way to learn!

    • @RichardBodeker , That was a hard way to learn!

    • Dave Johnson I’m talking semis and straight trucks. Caterpillar couldn’t keep up with emissions it had nothing to do with money. That’s why they tried the acert line and nothing after that. That’s also why they bought into so many other companies. Aka Mitsubishi, Perkins, etc And yes Daimler now owns Detroit diesel

    • @i Bee Amazin intresting to know, thanks.

    • @Alex Stanke Caterpillar and Cummins started offering engine's cheaper than Detroit and GM was unwilling to compromise quality for cost.

  • You guys have a Detroit 4 cylinder 2-cycle supercharged diesel. Awesome engine with pretty great reliability. You could twin charge it adding a custom turbo kit to give it more juice. But that would be for just pure fun. Looks like a great project. Cant wait to see what you both come up with as a finish product.

  • The good news is that for your first diesel repair experience, Detroit Diesel engines from that era are all mechanical - mechanical throttle, mechanical injection, so they are super simple. Also if you haven't discovered yet, it is already "supercharged" - it uses a two-stroke power cycle and has a roots blower on the side for blowing fresh air through the cylinder. The valves in the top are all exhaust valves - the intake is through the side of the cylinder wall.

  • Y'all need to make sure to have ur boom support lock in when ur climbing around under it. Especially with hydro problems. Don't let yourselves get crushed.

  • Looking forward to seeing the Goonzquad-branded paint job you do on this to make it look amazing. And after looking through the other comments.... be careful.... it sounds dangerous.

  • The left pedal is the inching pedal, so you can rev the engine while moving slowly. For heavy loads and speeding up the hydraulics.

  • Full repaint in dark grey would look sick! new LEDs everywhere some light bars would be nice also freshen up them rims and replace all the lines so you won’t have any leakage just make it brand new and fresh fluids and make that engine look nice again! And some updated buttons and knobs and grease everything up with new grease

  • awesome job on that gate...amazing how you 2 work together and get everything done so well.

  • Can’t wait to see this with a new paint job and cleaned up

  • Look for a mechanical lock out for boom extend and tilt. Could be a tap to isolate those functions when traveling on road. The ram you see at the top is for tilting the forks. Oil leaks could also be seals in the ends of the rams (cylinders)

  • Boys for the love of god do not stand or work under that boom unless the locks are placed on the cylinders. A mechanical lock to prevent the boom lowering is 100% what you will need of your working on that.

  • love it keep up the goodwork

  • Beautiful machine!!!! congrats!!!!

  • My dad was a Detroit diesel mechanic for more than 35 yrs.! Lots of those motors have blowers , also hydraulics can be dangerous they have a lot of pressure running through those lines be safe

  • Cant wait to see more on this project something very diffrent for a change.. hon the lads 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Boomer! That thing is awesome. Hire yourself a service rep to come out for the day and show you all around that thing. It will be money well spent. I drove one of those for years, got recertification every couple years. I think you could find a class local to you that could train you up properly. It only takes an afternoon. You can never be too safe around heavy equipment like that.

    • I like your is prudent, logical and well thought out. I'm sure the boyz think so as well.

    • Dang dude, you beat me to it 😀 Boomer is what I thought of when they said we'll call it boom. Oh and I definitely agree they should get some proper training to operate it correctly.

  • Dude, I work for the airlines. Trust me when I say this, we have a fork lift that could pick that one up. We use it to lift widebody engines. 😲

    • Marina Lift operator here, -Laughs in Hoist Neptune M350...-

    • Lone Wolf I retired in 2010 as well. That was a tough year. Economy was a mess and contracts weren’t being renewed. UTC was trying to reduce personel in all their business units. In Pratt came up with the concept of the early retirement package. You either took it or got forced retirement. The irony of this was 5 years later you’d be asked by a contractor like Belcan to come back as a 1099 contractor because all their knowledge base had retired or aged out. And the newbies from Rensselaer Polytechnic who they replaced you with, had absolutely no real world experience. It was taking time that they didn’t have to train them. For The retirees it was great because you got your retirement money and your contractor money lol.

    • @Sonnicman . yes Sir !! I used to drive the Gerlinger fork lift for Pratt in Southington, Ct when it was open. Then they got a bigger one for the 98K engines when we moved to the Cheshire plant. Still quite a beast ! I retired in 2010.

    • oh yeah remember those days and my first time lifting a 747 jet engine off the flatbed like please don't drop this thing lol.

    • They just needed a clickbait title

  • Prediction: Are they going to paint it or wrap it? Definitely slapping "GOONZQUAD: SIMPLY BUILT" on the lift arm for sure.

  • I think the boom has a pin in it to keep it from extending when lifting heavy loads

  • Those 4-71 Detroit were sometimes factory turbocharged, so you might be able to get a kit and a stock replacement turbo. I believe the engine is a 4-71 Detroit Diesel, 4.6liters, or 71 ci per cylinder.

  • It’s actually a telehandler, I work on this kind of stuff all the time. They probably blocked off the lines for the extend because it was leaking. Also I wouldn’t stand under it I have seen them blow out a lot and nothing stops it from coming down when it blows

    • @PIPER DOUG Perhaps a boom extension LOCK? I sounded like the hydraulics were being prevented from operating, so I'm thinking it's just a safety lock.

    • Yeah you can hear the pump labor when trying to extend, my fear is someone bent the boom and it's jammed back in.

  • Your enthusiasm for this is hilarious ! The pup has grown quick!

  • Fencing for the future. I used to work for a fencing company and we would auger out a hole which was only 3 or so inches bigger than the post. Then instead of mixing water in the quickcrete we put it in dry and tamped it solid. The moisture from the ground would make it get hard. It was super strong and effective and quick.

  • Hey guys the large hydraulic hose from the tank normally goes to a power takeoff of some kind which is the small box bolted to the trans which is driven off it. Aways make sure you guy make the boom safe before stepping under it. The cylinders as you called them are called hydraulic rams Hope that helps good luck 👍

  • I worked on Top Loaders at the Port of Miami... A top loader is basically a huge forklift. A rolling three story building. The cab is about two stories above ground. I saw a driver run over a stop sign with it and he didn't even see it. These things can squish you like a bug!!!

  • That's called a screaming 2 stroke Detroit engine! Very reliable and dependable! Don't be scared to rev it out that's what they're made for! Also don't run it much if it's low on hydraulic fluid Because it can burn out the pump! Also there should be a safety latch under the boom on that beast so you guys don't get squished! Should.never go under that boom without the lock up thing in place! Good luck with it though guys and I can't wait to watch you guys fix her up!!

    • @Jesse Ephh I didn't recall an ECM on the HMMT wrecker I drove in the '80' in the military thanks for the info

    • I was a heavy equipment operator in the army.. and it was hard to watch them crawling around under that

    • Should never go under an unsupported hydraulic lift of any sort. One blown line is all it would take to crush you quickly. Even new lines can rupture unexpectedly.

    • Just to add do not rev it out at all when it is cold. Let it warm up first.

    • Any hydraulics can give away suddenly and drop, so please prop up the boom with a heavy post or something that won't crush when working under it and the machine is off.

  • You don't need new rear tires... they're just steering tires... as long as they're round, made of rubber and hold air you're good to go

  • I was a diesel fitter for over a decade and that beast will serve you really well :o) It is right in the right places :D

  • Be carefully lifting that boom up with it being out of hydraulic fluid it could fall on you if your under it

  • Can't wait to see it after the lift kit, dual turbos, and trick exhaust!

  • It needs a lift kit, alloys, light bar and a tune 😂 It’s obviously got a hydraulic issue, be careful standing or sitting under the main boom. Don’t trust those hydraulics.

  • Definitely paint it, and upgrade the electronics! (lights, fans, etc). But before that, as most everyone mentioned, get some training or something on this..maybe have a pro come out and look it over/give you some tips. Don't want you guys dying!

  • Made in New Philadelphia Ohio by Gradall. Now called Alamo. One of my largest customers. Probably sold them the welding equipment and filler metals used to make your beast! Gradall built some of the best! Good luck with her!

  • Don’t change anything that’s gonna make you have to add the SCR system. That’s a good piece of equipment

  • Awesome tool to have but definitely agree with the guys saying look into a safety course for hydraulics and lift trucks. Learn some basic terminology when referring to your hydraulic system so you have the concept of what each does and learn the particular safety interlocks it has. I’d be willing to bet the boom extending will only do so under the right conditions. Great purchase nonetheless. There’s nothing wrong with learning something new, just have to take the right precautions. Keep it up!

  • Just recently got forklift certified and I can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe and be mindful of what you are doing around them. Things can go 0-100 faster than your Lamborghini and Ferrari can... one wrong move and it can be very deadly. But also a very handy piece of equipment. nice buy.

    • Welcome to the forklift/lift truck life. It's crazy how it feels funny driving a regular car sometimes. I've driven various lifts for about 15 years total and a car still feels weird sometimes. Lol

  • Been watching your videos for a long time. just stopped by to say thank you for your content

  • there are bumpstops in the boom to keep it inline as it extends and retracts. they may be broken or too worn

  • Gawlee I don't know how to drive this thing yet! Hahahaha! I've never seen any of your videos but this was hilarious you got yourself a new subscriber I'm so interested in this build.

  • what did you pay for it? I'm looking for one and wonder what kind of price I can expect for an old one.

  • Watching you guys under the boom when it was raised in the air stressed me to the max. So dangerous. Please learn how to use and work on this monster safely at all times.

    • That thing looks better suited for a boat yard or a roofing contractor. Def overkill for mechanics, unless ur Copart.

  • muito bom o video gostei de mais

  • I used to have a big ol’ honkin’ three-masted forklift and the coolest thing I ever did with it was to take an old piano all the way up and drop it from about thirty feet. You need to do this ASAP.

  • If you guys run the engine without hydraulic oil in the tank it will damage the hydraulic pump. There should be load holding valves on the cylinders so if you burst a hose you dont drop the load. But like everyone says dont be under the boom unless it is blocked up. And you should be able to get an operating manual on line.

  • Hey Goonsquad! You guys have become my favorite ILaward channel. I’ve been watching you for about eight month. I’m almost caught up with all the videos. I do have one question. What in the world of your names? I have no idea what your names are. I’m guessing somebody’s name is Billy, and, or somebody’s name is Alex, Because of the name I see on some of the tools. But I can’t go by what I’m guessing. Chris fix what’s my favorite channel, but he only releases videos every month. It’s not a competition but, you guys release videos three times a week. I love that so much. On Sundays, when I’m in church, I always get a notification for you guys. I wonder if I should be listening to the preacher, or watching the Goonsquad! I can’t wait to see what you guys do with this forklift. Say hey to Thomas, and Max for me. Let the people know when you get 4X sweatshirts. I will support You.

  • I'm with everyone else calling it Boomhauer. Looks like it's an old two stroke Detroit mechanical 4 banger. I'd make it look clean and stock like it came. Some enamel tractor paint should do the trick.

    • If that's a 2 stroke I'm superman

    • Definitely tractor 🚜 paint but they came in all colors that’s ford blue for some reason


  • Do you know what the lift capacity is on this machine?

  • Good morning guys!! this project is perfect!! You asked about the engine. I have seen that type of engine in old cubover trucks such as international or freightliner!! the age of those trucks was between 1982 an 1987!! thatw all i know!!

  • You young guys just go online and there's plenty of information about the unit. ILaward has great videos about the engine, watch as many as you can find about how a Diesel engine works, they are much different than gasoline engines. Enjoy learning about this beast :-)

  • What ever you two do don’t start loosening hydraulic hoses with boom in the air!!! Very danger, hydraulic hoses are under extreme under loads.

  • 19:40 That moment when you realize there is no privacy fence at the time of this recording. They've been holding onto this one from us!

    • Good catch

    • Mark Mullins god forbid they have extra content saved for when days are slow waiting for parts 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • 19:25 also lol

  • BEST buy , this will be great in building your dream garage and removing old junk

  • You definetly have to Pimp it to crazy color or colors of your shop/channel theme, and put bed liner over everything that might scratch too much xD it would be epic

  • Yet again on the trending page great job boys!

  • They could buy a brand new forklift or even lease one, but they choose to revive an old one. Respect guys!

  • SAFETY! Do some research on lock out tag out and locking out the boom before crawling underneath. This is a cool project but you need some or a lot of safety training before you dig into this project further. Love your videos and I want to keep seeing them.

    • Yeah that thing didn’t look stable

    • Dont be a sissy, dive right in and fix it

    • Lock out tag out is so important. I worked in a factory that sadly a few gentlemen fail the procedures and lose there lives in Baylor’s

    • my first concern too.

  • Never seen someone so excited by a tele handler before 🤣

  • Safety first goonz never go under the boom without securing it first .A seal can pop and there is no coming back from death.So go over the safty manuals first before working on the forklift ,love your show dudes

  • I keep seeing all these comments about safety and I couldn't agree more, this isn't like a LV rebuild heavy machinery is extremely dangerous to work on without formal training and understanding of the machine, I can easily see a hydraulic injection injury coming from one of those old hoses/couplings or a crush injury from an unsupported boom. Dont rush and take your time working on a project like this. (also it's a telehandler not a forklift)

  • never stand under a boom its dangerous also it steers form the rear so you need to keep clear off them cos the can swing around fast

  • Love your enthusiasm, as well as your interest to learn, maybe a little over your head on this one, but maybe not, please exercise Extreme Caution with this machine hydraulics can be killers don't stand under anything with a hydraulic load boom Mast or otherwise very dangerous love you guys keep going

  • my advice is to first fill the hydraulic fluid tank and then try if the boom is extending that might be the problem and in general that tank should be full...greetings from Greece!

  • Always like a new build.

  • Engine is likely a Detroit 4-53N There are actually more 4-53T's (turbocharged version) than N's (standard model) so a turbo swap is likely possible.

  • When you raise boom and cut off engine you need to brace the boom so it dont come down on you. Also it's a tellahandler not forklift. Next before you lift you need to get load chart from the company that makes it.. I am union heavy equipment operator I am certified on those. Hope it helps