The End Of The Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Build?!

פורסם בתאריך 17 יונ 2019
This has been a wonderful journey! This dead lamborghini huracan was brought back to life and now it is going to get even better. We are hoping to take this build to a whole other level. Be sure to follow along and see what happens!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • The cop was probably expecting some spoiled rich kids, but was surprised at how humble and friendly you two are. Great content, fellas.

    • I’m sure the cop thought in the lambo were 2 spoiled spoiled rich kids

    • @Jeremy Leasure he never said the wasn’t rich

    • I actually know the cop, he said it was just a bad car and he wanted to check it out. Lucky for him they were actually following too close considering they sped up so quick and got behind someone. But yeah he said they’re very nice guys

    • I like these guys, but they are pretty lucky they weren’t black and they live in Tennessee and stopped by the police in a lambo. That would have went super side ways!

  • Incredible. Binge watched this whole series. Such excellent work. Great job boys and thanks for bringing us a long for the ride

  • This is quality content , i love how humble and amazing you guys are, amazing build, so genius, watch through the whole thing, thank you

  • Great to see a cop being friendly, he did his duty but then afterwards was just a regular dude. So many of them are so bloody uptight and serious even when they don't need to be. Anyway great video, great job on the lambo, and great choice of lady Billy, she definitely seems like a keeper lol. I hope you took her out somewhere nice, or at least somewhere she wanted. Even a cheese burger from the drivethru can be fancy in that Hellcat lol, especially under the moonlight by a lake

  • Awesome stuff guys! This build was hella awesome to watch, can't wait to see how the custom comes out!

  • Hahahaha. Billy's face every time he makes a pull... Priceless. Looks scared to death.

    • @Jeff Bray سيبيب

    • Hahaha

    • that's a 300k car and the time and hard work they put into this car. i would be scared to. if something goes wrong and they slide and crash. thats 300k and hrs of work down the drain

    • @Jeff Bray, I just put two and two together and there at the gas station and run into a black hellcat and the young lady is like you going to pay for the gas. I'm like what the wait a minute Billy just got married the young lady has to be his wife and she driving there Hellcat. NICE Congratulations Billy to you and your new wife.

    • I was thinking pure focus..driven by adrenaline

  • it's insane what you did to that car and how it ended up looking, incredible work guys

  • You guys did amazing! I just watched this whole series start to finish in a day. You both completed a dream of mine to buy and fix a lambo! You guys did a great job and all I can say is I’m jealous and I hope one day I will be fortunate enough to do one of these. Peace out guys

  • @goonzquad - greetings from New Zealand! You guys are amazing- what you've done with this Huracan is mindblowing from what it once was. And the courage to take on a huge financial project and risk. Well done lads, well done 👍

  • Been watching you guys since the start of the Lambo build and really appreciate your enthusiasm and honest hard work. Looking forward to more videos and trying to build our own channel kinda like you guys did. Keep it up, we love yall.

  • "We weren't speeding" Blurs the speedometer

  • Unbelievable what you can do guys.. keep it real!

  • Wow!! You guys are inspiring! The amount of worked put on the Lambo was amazing! Can't wait to see more work done to it.. Good Job!!!

  • Damn, you guys really did an awesome job with this Huracan! Keep up the good work! //Greetings from Finland

  • you guys seem so nice, looks like you guys really love what you are doing and im enjoying it alot

  • You know it’s a good day when Goonzquad upload a new video ❤️🔥

  • Loving the progress of everything, cars, life in general! Keep it up!

  • Guys, you are amazing. It is really beautiful to see young guys like yourselves with hands on and going till the end of the project. Thank you for the videos, congrats and God bless you.

  • That was superb boys! You should have opened the gas more in some of the tunnels though! You can see that the car is angry, she wants to fly! You always come across friendly police men, you are lucky guys, keep up the good work! Wish I could do what you do!

  • Certainly the best build I have ever seen .You guys are perfectionist as their is so much attention to detail like the ye say LO HAGO POR AMOR meaning I do it for love Just love your passion and persistence Remarkable work

  • "Tunnels was a bad idea" "Let's do some more tunnels in a different county"

    • Hahah it be like that in southern states tho hell just hop county to county

    • interuniversal321 nope 3 min and change states

    • You picked the right tunnel for the job that is one of my favorite ones in town

    • 😹

  • Another super vid, great to see you guys out there enjoying the end product!

  • Enjoyed the hell out of this series :) Nice job boys!

  • love your channel guys, keep up the good work

  • Incrível a recuperação que fizeram na lamborghini👏👏👏

  • I'm a cop from AL.. I "rip it" too in my Mustang when I'm off work. Love the content and the builds. Keep the content coming.

    • @BIG H Thanks I appreciate it. I was directing my reply to the other two people. Thanks for sticking up for me. Good people are hard to find now adays

    • Nah mate I was just sticking up for you

    • There is more to racing than on the streets.. have you both ever heard of "legal racing" like on a drag strip.. there's no reason to be so negative and cynical about police always being dirty or bad. Remember laws are in place for a reason. Think about the fact that you slept in peace last night and I wonder why.?? Police kept your ungrateful selfs safe from becoming a victim of crime.

  • This was an incredible build guys. Glad I stumbled upon your videos :)

  • I love how y’all aren’t only hard working in fixing vehicles physically but also make the time to edit your videos because that is also hard work but yall are amazing and i love ur videos 🤗

  • Your faces showed how proud y’all are of all the hard work on that Lambo. Great job guys.

  • It was a long journey but I watched and enjoyed it till the end! Well done guys! ;)

  • Y'all crank premium content. We love watching. Keep it up!

  • This build is what made me start watching you guys. I love it.

  • Very inspiring guys well done, I really enjoyed viewing your videos , I have a question, I'd like to know what your total cost was.

  • Glad he gave you a warning! Id love to see more of you guys enjoying the builds.. Take the cars out with friends.. Drive all of them together :D

  • I really appreciated you guys, professional and clean with every steps, I just appreciated the whole concept

  • I have to give a shout out to the goonsquad. You guys are rockin it. You are informative on everything and you are clean and always tidy up during and after your vlog ends. Keep up the great work guys!!

  • Seen all your work on huracane till this vlog, you guys are awesome, no fake thumbnails, genuine presentation, detailed assembly with no lag, all the best guys hope a 10million subs 😃💓love from INDIA

  • just to say I really loved watching your clips guys I really enjoyed them I wish I was apart of your team because I love to learn how to build cars like you guys because I always wanted to build my own car like a mustang gt 500 my best car I always wanted to own but loved the show guys and good on you for building that lambo haracan.

  • Goonzquad! I loved to be part of the journey. This one hell of a build. You guys really showed us how to create a Lamborghini from salvage state to drivable. I have learned and enjoyed watch you guys for a long period of time, Honestly one of the best youtubers for cars rebuilding right here. Keep up the good work. For those who think they could outrun the cops, You can't out run the radio besides that they are driving a Lamborghini. To easy to spot by anyone anywhere. Any tip would basically be a game over. So don't try unless you want to get caught, Just to risky.

  • Thanks for showing some respect to the police officer. Kindness goes a long way on both sides. You probably made his day by letting him wedge hisself into Lamborghini. Peace and respect. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Just watched the complete series over the past 2 days, have to say you guys did a great job. I have been considering trying this myself but with a late model ZR1. Keep building it simple. You got a new subscribe from me

  • Your vids are so good, keep up the good work :)

  • This was one hell of a build ❤️

  • You guys did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing

  • Beautiful work you guys did.. How much was the damaged car and how much did it cost to fix it?

  • Started watching this yesterday watched it all the way through. I thought there was an imperfection in the paint , but it turned out to dirt on my screen. Nice job guys, you are amazing. I have restore four cars, but was really impressed by the perfection of your work. Peace.

  • Watched all the videos, what a Journey that was. Loved it. Thank you so much for sharing it

  • Nice job guys. Keep doing what you love

  • enjoy it. You guys certainly put in the work! Totally awesome. So jealous

  • watching you guys working this hard.. You'er guys such a beast

  • Awesome videos guys watched the whole lot this week on this Huracan enjoyed the detail which you show , almost feels like i can strip one down myself and rebuild . thank you for this wonderful series of videos . all the way from New Zealand. p.s did you? and you must of, replace the under tray at the front and back.

  • so awesome to see this from the beginning to the end I didn't stop watching till the end, and i love this!

  • Billy looks like his soul is just leaving his body when he floors it😂

    • @Kyle S. cant wait to see his face when they rip open the dodge viper t/a

    • Its getting sucked up by the demon of speed😂

    • @Kyle S. I suppose it's a matter of opinion which is the better car: The one where you can go fast with confidence or the one that scares the crap out of you. I think most of us have met both of those drivers.

    • Billy admitted that out of all the cars they own the Lambo is the only one that scares him when doing full pulls... in a good way of course!

    • He looked like he was soiling his shorts.

  • Mad love from COLOMBIA. i started watching you guys from the wreckd lambo video and could not stop...lots of respect for you knowledge and love for what you do. PEACE.

  • The Viper rebuild pulled me in and the Lambo rebuild knocked it out of the park. You guys are awesome.

  • Love this channel wish there where more uploads a week haha keep grindin boys

  • Great to see the Lambo done fellas, amazing job 👌 What’s next to complete, the Viper?

  • “They didn’t give us a reason why they pulled us over” “Do you know why I pulled you over” “Yea” *Blurs Speedometer*

    • 70mph in the final tunnel

    • :D :D

    • Because the officer wanted to get a good look at this cool machine, that's why.

    • Yeah I was going to say the same thing blurring the speedometer because of the cop got a hold of this video he can actually ticket them for that because there's no way they were doing the speed limit because that's evidence I've heard of it being done

  • You guys inspire me! Trying to convince the wife for me to start my first DIY project. Definitely learning a lot watching your videos!

  • I gotta say, in this world of wasted TV time, you guys are NOT that. You provide entertainment without objectifying women; without being racist and without hurting anyone or anything. You’re kind, energetic and electrifying, and extremely talented. I’m 60 years old and look at you with respect and gratefulness because I have grandsons that are entering a world full of....well you know. THANK YOU !!!

    • @big brother is watching why should women be objectified (not trying to be rude just curious)

    • 1) women should be objectified 2) being "racist" is the right thing to do, to fight against censorship 3) I don't like you

  • Man I'm inspired... that car had the most exciting experience.... Great man u guys fixed it really well. I appreciate that you didn't give up... finished what u started.

  • This project has massively helped me when it comes to repairing/servicing the hurracan. Keep it up guys

  • Well done guys. enjoyed the lambo build vids, will keep an eye out for your next builds..

  • loving yore builds following all the way . went back to the beginning of all our builds to just catch up . Billy and bro you 2 are the the best honest okes around

  • Awsome job fellas.. Started watching two days ago ..and the love and effort you put into the rebuild...well done fellas...

  • love all the builds that you do

  • Love you’re videos guys! Keep up the work.

  • Again, another great video! I always look forward to your latest content. Keep the videos COMING!

  • I've discovered your channel through one of your Lamborghini videos. Your kind of videos made me tied up right away. I am looking forward to future projects. Greetings from Germany🇩🇪👍

  • I watched every episode u dudes rock... Plain and simple. ✌️👍

  • Mind power is amazing! You guys are great. Gud luck ppl🇺🇸

  • Always disappointed in the days you guys don't upload! Your some of my favorite ILawardrs

  • hilarious... y'all are great. just watched most of the lamborghini... can't wait to watch the S2K videos! really interesting exhaust choices... can't wait to see what else y'all do!

  • Nice build guys! As per usual. I wasn't much of a Lamborghini enthusiast until now, that thing sounds awesomely nasty. Now I can start watching the Ferrari build, now that's more my style can't wait to get caught up. Great job on the videos and editing as well. Cheers!

  • Man, you guys definitely got some talent. Wish I had it like you guys, keep up the awesome work!

  • I like that the videos are getting more vlog based and less of building and installs, more street ripping 🙏🏼🤘🏼

  • Very happy for you guys! God bless you! Merry Christmas!

  • A lot of work went into the repair and build. Extremely interesting videos, also very tool intensive, I'm an engineer so I quite well know about the imperitive necessity of hand tools in the auto industry. I'm contemplating on acquiring a Huracan soon. Although I like the brushed flat black finish with white wheels. Are you two brothers, you look alike one another. Cheers. I'll keep monitoring your channel. Thank you.

  • Man, that Huracan turned out pretty awesome! Just binged all the videos in just 3 days. :-D Great Job! Love Lambos and your channel!

  • These guys always put on a good show !