Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street Legal Race Car Part 10

פורסם בתאריך 23 ינו 2019
What an amazing experience! This kit car is unlike anything we have ever drove. After a long process of putting pieces together we finally get to put the project to the test. This DF Goblin kit car is going to be one the fastest cars we own. Follow along and watch us put it to the test!!!
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  • I know the channel is about rebuilding cars and it's amazing! But I feel like it's more about watching Thomas grow up! ;)

    • I love that cat

    • Yeahh me to man haha

    • Mia culpa..

    • @goonzquad Thomas reminds me of my cat Molly (she passed away a few years ago) she loved to be involved in everything I did even working vehicles.

    • ChrisW for sure

  • for daily use, use 1.5 deg downwards, for track use, go a bit more agressive, like 10 or such, but be aware of drag aswell :)

    • More grip never hurt!

    • "No reason for Porsche to even have a rear wing" ok lol

    • I think it looks cool though.

    • @Ethan STUPINDIS more that 50% rear weight, no need for a wing . No reason for Porsche to even have a rear wing. Other than it showing off.

  • That’s so dope looking good sounding good loving every part of this build it’s crazy 😜 man that is super cool and that grey wrap will finish it off and that wing is astounding

  • It's crazy the quantity of work that can be accomplished by two dedicated people who love what they do

  • The new wheels are a HUGE improvement! Also, I like the rear lights you bought that allow all functions to be performed by the same thin lights without needing more. I'm surprised that they don't provide a 3rd brake light; isn't that a requirement in the U.S.?

  • Always remember cheap wrap is almost impossible to work with. Get some 3m or vvivid and try again. Good video, waiting for more!

    • u need soapy water under it, duH

    • I'm no pro, but my buddy wraps for a living and I've hung around his shop enough to learn about vinyl wrap. They're using the squeegee before pre-stretch and not using relief cuts. On curved surfaces you should only squeegee once you get the wrinkles out. If they follow instructions they can find here on youtube they would be able to wrap this thing no problem. I still think they're better off painting it nardo grey and then adding clear bra or wrapping it in Avery Real D High Gloss Carbon Fiber vinyl.

  • Could have tried doing a “wet-wrap” too. The matte black flows good with the dark colors on this awesome build. Love it.

  • Great job guys!! It looks awesome and really aerodynamic!

  • I think Tomas will agree on a carbon fiber wrap, that would look sick!

  • Awesome vid guys!! You have to wire in a led resistor on all 4 turb signals to stop the hyper flash, sick builds! You can buy em at auto zone

  • If you want to keep traction you would need to put the spoiler down at a slight angle (20°-30° gradient). If you want to keep speed do 15°-20° gradient

    • A kick to the grundel says: no your wrong that wing really doesn’t do anything

    • Saying the wing doesn't do anything (esp the one they got) is like saying "the wings on an airplane don't do anything." Seriously just because you don't like the wing doesn't mean they won't function for the good or bad. Pulling anything shaped like that wing at highspeeds will produce lift, drag, downforce, etc.It may not do anything positive but don't say it won't do anything.

    • is everyone forgetting that it’s not sealed it has air flowing all through it. even with a windshield there’s hella wind coming in on the side and top theres is no real point to a spoiler on that car but it looks nice. the only downforce that he’s making is maybe the force pushing against the floor of the car but there’s still to much air going through the front getting blocked by the engine and fire wall, this car is not aero dynamic what so ever but it’s a cool ass car and who rlly cares for aero dynamics anyway i’m sure that thing would burn the stock car that engine came out of 🤷🏽‍♂️ just cause it’s light as fuck

    • @A.G. Rich Yes. A wing tunnel would be a good idea to test the aerodynamics

    • a 22°-23° is a even amount of speed and traction so that will be my opinion

  • I have been watching all your builds, and I enjoy the channel a lot so thank you for making the content. Regarding the wing; flat for speed, and angled for downforce, you can also set it up with actuators so you can adjust it on the go from inside the car if you feel fancy.... ;) One thing that bothers me tough, is you guys got a bunch of track beasts, these cars are made for a track, the Corvette, the ZL1 the Viper, and the Goblin don't waste them on the drag strip.. take the Viper back to the road Atlanta, where it met the wall and became a salvage car... taking these cars to the drag strip, is like having a supermodel at home just to make dinner.... Set it up at Road Atlanta and I am sure several of the subscribers would join in, make it a Goonsquad meet, and lets trash it at the track... :)

  • You may want to spend in a couple of tail light LED load resistors to bring down the blink rate down. Other than that, solid job!

  • Nice to see you finally got some air tools too! lol Loving the series brothers!!!

  • I wonder how much it cost to build one off these? Looks nice 👍

  • Looks so cool love this build and the others

  • The goblin is sick! Looks like a blast!! You guys have the best videography on ILaward!

  • This is an awesome looking machine 🙂👍 Shame it isn't 4wd/4x4, it would be super quick 0-60mph but good job man ✌

  • Reverse lights are badass. Man that cart is super clean great job.

  • As a Cobalt SS/TC owner I love your sled. It must be wicked fast being that lite.

  • Hood should be wrapped in the real looking carbon fiber to match the spoiler.

    • Black carbon fiber will look sick

    • @Jesse B too bad carbon fiber is not an option for the hood with the kit.

    • Na dont fake it, eveyone will ask is it real? "No its a sticker". It only adds weight.

  • Very fun looking build. I'd paint the hood orange. It would look awesome with the blue/teal of the frame.

  • It is really reassuring that Thomas is keeping a close eye on you guys!!

  • You guys are doing an awesome job do you have a link for the tail lights??

  • It is neat now that you guys are almost done to go back and watch the video where you first test drove one. Nice job guys!

  • Satin black or gloss black. Grey won't match any other major component of the car IMO it's going to look like you bought a hood off another car and haven't repainted it yet! Also, this kind of car should really be put to the test at a track day event. There's a bunch in the spring at Road Atlanta coming up and you guys aren't too far away from there in Chattanooga. This thing was made to handle and hug curves, not go fast in a straight line. Hell let me know if you go and I'll come run with you guys!

  • It’s like a hot rod! now keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻

  • With the rear end being light you might want a slight forward tilt for down force to help with the traction.... the flatter the faster down the straights, more forward tilt will cause drag but creates down force and traction.

  • Go with a set of xenon headlights that will look really awesome nice wing keep doing what you are doing I enjoy watching your videos. Greetings from Holland

  • Very impressive, you took a front wheel drive car and made it rear wheel, somewhat lol but still no easy task. You kids kick ass. Good job lil fellas.

  • If you want more downforce then the wing should be the steepest angle not flat

    • Larry Garry they said they aren’t tracking the car right now and that they don’t need the most down force

    • bro what about fluid friction it will resist accelaration if angle is too steep

    • Just think of as a airplane airbrake. If you could maybe make a handle or switch in the cab to change the wings setting to make it like a veyron but dont let it get pricy

    • Larry Garry Yea that’s kinda what we thought

  • Came for the car. Stayed for the cat. Big ups to Thomas for keepin it so real.

  • Keep up the good work guys - 👍🏼 I like the food review 🌮

  • Gosh dang this thing looks amazing... Good job lads

  • Great job so far. Was it cold out that day? That's why the wrap wouldn't work.

  • Put soapy water under the wrap and then Squeegee it out. But why wrap your paint skills are on point. If it were me I would color match the panels to the blue on the seat belts and put a matching pin strip on the lip of the rims . Then everything would come together.

  • Man if those coolant hoses go while you're driving, you're going to have a jet blast of hot coolant on your neck 😂

  • i love it mann keep doin yall thang💯🔥💪

  • Carbon fiber wrap and rectangular headlights would look awesome

  • Great progress, hope you wrappers don't have hurt feelings though!!

  • Definitely needs a carbon fiber wrap!

    • @MF Tuning I prefer real carbon too but they already have the hood, it's the next best thing.

    • fake corbon is not ok

    • Agreed. Carbon fiber wrap for the win!

  • Thomas has got his winter jacket on, cool. I love the car fellows, been watching you guys forever and I'm always entertained, thank you all ,Thomas, Wiskers, etc, super cool .

  • You should have made the top piece("roof") pivot up, to make it easier for you to get in and out of the car

  • You guys are Limitless 👍🏼

  • More wing, more downforce! Less wing, less downforce! Take it from a former race car driver! Great build guys!!!!!!!

  • Awesome build! What you guys do is so inspiring! Much respect boys!

  • goonzquad I love your content but can you make your videos a tad bit longer so we can see more of your amazing content every 2 days

  • I dig the hood. My first car was a VW rail buggy, back in the mid 80's when I was about 14. I saved up money raising tobacco and got a rail buggy with 4 additional sets of rims and tires, all for $350. and it ran great. Had the chrome header trumpet exhaust pipe. I had a blast with that old buggy.

  • I know this is an old video and it’s already done, but I like the look of the darker hood to match the wing and mirrors.

  • That looks sick man. I love it😍

  • Wrap the front, top and sides in a high gloss 5D carbon wrap to set off the rear wing and black wheels. Plus when the light hits it just right it will give you that Nardo Grey look as well. More bang for the Goonsquad bucks.........With a nice Goonsquad decal across the rear Wing would be 🔥

  • the rear shock towers makes me nervous but overall a very good job !

  • I love it but personally I would have went with much wider tires/wheels on the back.

  • You guys rock. My 4 year old daughter loves Thomas and billy haha. Also make sure to put a resistor in the blinkers power supply line to slow down the blinker speed.

  • when you’re wrapping you have to stretch the vinyl. use the torch to heat it up and pull it and squeegee at the same time

  • This thing would look sick with a custom model t type shell one off hand made. Either carbon fiber or some sheet metal panels with rivet nuts so it's all removable. But it's badass how it is.

  • Carbon fibre might look really nice on it

  • Imagine being a son from Goonzsquad,you got every Cool car you can imagine.

  • Thats looks like it can be a model for the ariel nomad car! Good work bros!

  • Gloss carbon fiber wrap the hood to match the wing 👌🏼

    • Like the carbon idea! Don't like the gray

  • Steel toes in the shop, no exceptions. Awesome build!

  • That goblin looks fresh, I would add for night time fire and ice strip light, and yea custom decal with goonzquad imprinted logo for a wrap on the front to match the logo in the back..

  • These guys are so inspiring!!

  • Usually I see them use some sort of application spray like soapy water for example then you squeegee out the air bubbles. In a few days it should dry without air bubbles. Otherwise it's too hard to do without and then ruins it like happened to you guys.

  • You really need a grill to protect that radiator.

    • @El Cheina yea its an intercooler lol. so its sweet with out grill

    • Ernie King I thought it was an intercooler? For the turbo.

  • Taller tires in the back would look badass. Also, I would have the hood wrapped in a little darker shade of blue. Like the harness. That would make the light blue frame pop.

  • Great clean content!

  • This kit car looking amazing and naughty guys. Definitely spray paint the hood in nardo grey. This is gonna go like a rocket on the drag strip helll yeahhhh

  • Nice build bro! Tacos are life! 🔥🔥🔥

  • The more down force you have on the wing the more rear wheel grip you have, but the pay off is more drag and slower speed.

  • Great job guys... but I thought you were gonna bbq the tires once you had the new ones ?

  • You guys should get a carbon fiber wrap for the hood to match the wing!

  • When u wrap it do it like a sticker start at one side and work ur way over also get the spray that gets it wet so it don't stick intell pressure is applied

  • Get someone to wrap the hood in carbon fiber to match the wing! Also, I wrapped the roof on my car, you have to lift the vinyl off the car, pull it taunt and squeegee it down. I had the same issue on my first attempt!

    • Moze yeah. I understand though, the pro’s make it seem really easy. They say you want to make it look like it’s wrapped before you squeegee, but I had a hard time doing that, so the lift, pull, squeegee method worked well for me! Maybe @goonzsquad should let me do it... for free! 🤪

  • You guys should build custom panels for it! Like an ultra light gokart car

  • Carbon fiber wrap for hood to match spoiler - would be awesome!

  • Soapy water works great for wraps... wet both surfaces... lay it down then once you squeegie out the water from under the vinyl, then the wrap adhesive sticks to the surface

  • Keep it slanted so when the wind hits it it forces the frame down instead of the air going straight over

  • I think the original wheels looked pretty good.

  • nice wing broo!!! looks amazing!! btw.. you should paint those wheels in a cheap mat black or something dark!! that would be a great touch to the look!!! very nice go-kart! jajajaja fucking awsome!! :) EDIT: jajaja i just sow the new wheels!!! i didn't expect that!! damm those wheels!!!