Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street Legal Race Car Part 9

פורסם בתאריך 14 ינו 2019
Who would've thought that a smashed car could turn into this! A extremely light weight turbo kit car! This car has come a long way from where it started, the junk yard. Watch as we bring this beast to life and put to the test on the track and street! Thanks for watching!!!
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  • OK this is F-in AWESOME!!!

  • keep it going boys y’all amazing man can’t wait for more things being done to it

  • Awesome guys! Love to see young ppl aspiring and being different. Have a buggy and thought of making the same with a fwd sub. Hats off and keep making ideas into projects

  • Congrats on an great build, can't wait to see it on the street!

  • Great job guys! This build grew on me and it’s super cool. Can’t wait for those wheels and tires to come in for this thing.

  • what i like about this channel is that they don't hold up nothing for content, they give you all content they can on one sitting. instead of stretching for more quantity content. cheers from Mexico.

  • It amazes me how much you guys know about cars. Love watching the videos and learning more myself!

  • Loving the videos! I try not to miss a single one, very inspiring and I wish I could join in on the fun!

  • Really impressed with your videos man!!! Keep up the good work !

  • Amazing guys !! It’s crazy how much you boys know !!! I’m a automotive technician and love watching your videos keep it up !!

  • The thing moves! and is super agressive!! Congrats on the first drive

  • Build is looking awesome. Please include content on which car(s) you’re taking out for errands like the hellcat this video. All of your builds are sick af even if it’s 3-6 seconds of footage

  • It’s really nice to allow fans in your garage, though I really hope that they don’t take it for granted. Can’t wait to see an update on the r35 (╹◡╹)

  • best car building/repair channel on youtube :) keep up the good work boy's love it!

  • Wow, nice :D How much will it weigh when it's finished? It really looks like a ton of fun ripping it!

  • Such an accomplishment, great job. I can't wait to see it rip on the street!

  • I love how much progress you make each video 👌

  • Sick car dudes!! Love the build series

  • It’s nice to see young men working and solving problems and having fun , take criticism to heart and keep on going . Be safe guys.

  • Fun, accessable build! Love it guys! Some tub bodywork might be cool!..........

  • I think everyone could agree that goonzquad is the best rebuild channel out of all of them and also I think they should build a drift car that would be awesome

    • YUPP

    • @Alex Muggleton OH she is good I just got though watching her a few minutes ago she Souped her car up a little bit they put some bigger Heads different Intake & a Cam in her Drift Car LS it's cranking about 350 Wheel Horsepower to the Wheels she got on the Track & had a blast in it

    • as lamb iv seen her before she dose seem pretty good but I would like to see one of the goonzqaud guys to build an drive a drift car

    • @Cody I agree with you & Alex Muggleton we do have a Female Drift Car Driver on You Tube & she's a DAMN GOOD Drift Car Driver she handles that Monster DAMN good so therefore I think there are some Drift Drivers these guys would have trouble with Check her out Amelia Hartford you'll like her if you have not seen her yet

    • Alex Muggleton judging by how much this car rips, this will pretty much be a drift car with how much the wheels spin lol. But a dedicated drift build would be awesome! A lot of other ILaward channels are building drift cars and it would be freakin sick to see all of them come together and have a drifting event. Especially with the goonzquad there!

  • I couldn’t even miss one of your vlogs, you’re rock guys ✌🏼

  • Siempre veo sus videos soy de Mexico y la verdad excelente trabajo saludos el mejor contenido de ILaward

  • It is so great to see young men showing the "Can Do" attitude!!! I love your channel!! Keep up the good work!

    • Howard Smith its a waste. If it cant go off road real men dont waste time with it.

  • That's an awesome build fellas, the engine would look excellent if it was painted a bright colour including the brakes Just my thoughts. G'day Thomas, the cooooooool cat.

  • Install a blow off valve would sound awesome

    • It is boosted it has a turbo and they said there gonna install a better one. There probably waiting for someone to give then one or a sponsor to hook em up

    • Must need for a boosted car

    • In Hawaii what this guy said!! 😂

  • Goonzquad you guys are awesome. Keep up the great work.

  • Thanks Goonzquad for putting out great content and finishing projects that you start. There's a lot of youtube channels of guys that are trying to copy your channel but start on cars but never finish them. Keep up the great work!!!

  • You guys need to do a weekly hour long show that would be tight much love from Northern California peace!

  • great video, only two minor issues i can see are that youre missing the rear brake line hose mounting clips, the U shaped ones that lock the hose into that mounting tab so the hardline and softline dont rattle around. the second thing is not to hit bearings / aluminum with hammers like yall were doing, when doing the intemediate shaft bearing/bracket install. would of been smarter to use a hydraulic press to remove/install them

  • You should buy another one like this and put the supercharged engine in the other one and race each other

  • Cool build! Just a couple quick notes: 1. I don't know how hot that inter-cooler coolant gets, but I'd STRONGLY consider swapping to actual coolant hoses and metal or temp rated plastic fittings, add an expansion tank (the hot coolant needs room to expand), and a pressure relief (i.e. radiator cap). 2. You need some sort of shroud to protect you if a coolant hose or fitting let's go. 3. Don't beat on the intermediate bearing like that. In a pinch, use the old bearing to help seat the new one in the mount and use a press if possible. 4. Don't beat on the end of the CV shaft to install it. You can put a 2x4 on the inner housing lip if you need to give it a tap. Just be careful not to tear the boot. And 5. I know the car is very light, but I'm not super excited about the design for the rear upper shock mounts. I'd consider adding a strut bar to help strengthen things.

    • I would have a “firewall” panel between the rear of the seats and the front of the engine compartment.

    • @Matthew Hensley Whoa, whoa, whoa... Slow your roll son. For starters, what the hell are you talking about and who is this directed toward?

    • You are correct as fuck.

    • T Fred nitro glycerin hehehe

  • Sick man can't wait to see rest of it 👊

  • You guys are Killin it 🔥🔥 💪💪

  • Off road wheel's would look awesome on this beast.

  • You know we’re really blessed when Goonzquad blesses us with a 21 minute video.👌🙏

    • Or they are just getting smarter because they know YT acknowledges long videos more than short videos.

  • It's one of the best vids and builds that I've ever seen! 10/10 bois well done

  • That's looking awesome, good job :)

  • Awesome guys, that goblin is just roaring to go! Thomas, once again stole the show!!

  • Fp you guys smashed this I've loved every part of things build love the content keep it up guys

  • If you guys want a more aggressive sound from the exhaust I’d recommend the flow master super 10

  • Congrats Dude and Son, awesome work! Waiting for a Mercedes or Smart Car build :)

  • Great job , keep it up !

  • No going on the street without blinker fluid!😁 Awsome progress guys

  • best youtube channel by far, great upload scedual, great content, nice cars and i learn something every video

  • That thing is crazy u guys are killing it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Damn boys that is one mean little beast right there O.o and that sound mmm :D Can't wait to see it fully finished and on the road :)

  • This series is gaining great feedback goonzquad!

  • I love how they're more focused on the kit car then the Viper sitting 10 ft away from them

  • Nice project. Makes me wanna build one myself.

  • Car looks amazing goonz. Congrats

  • I'm pretty new to engines like this, how does the transmission work? is it integrated to the differential? I'm curious as to how it works

  • We need a new exhaust system that would make that thing sound sick!

  • You guys are GREAT! Wish I could have done what you're doing when I was your age.( I'm 70 ! ).Love the 🐱 Thomas. Ought to get him a pair of goggles & take him for a ride.

    • Agreed! Get him a pair of goggles and get ready to launch!! And be safe!

  • you guys might be overwhelmed after a complete build from scratch! what you do is seriously awesome and discovery should probably think of hosting a program with Goonzquad.

  • I like the style of the tube frame / roll cage . Are you going to leave it open or are you planning of putting a "mini" 1932 ford coupe over it ? All in All ' very fun to watch 😎

  • someday I really would love to own a bare bone type of car like this just to have some fun :)

  • You are so fast in building and creating new content. Very impressive. Best builders on ILaward.

  • Those Corbeau seats are sweet...If you're not scared to go 200mph in this cage you're built for racing.

    • Ur everywhere bro where else u gonna be? Kids channel maybe?

  • Haha I've never seen anyone in my life beat a brand new bearing like that. I'm surprised you didn't fuck that bearings inner race. There's no way with that display they built this by themselves.

  • Great progress sounds sweet! Take a look at your left hand inner CV boot looks like you twisted it or overextended it - just undo the small clip and straighten it out before you use it in anger. I take it a few others have commented, but the clear coolant hoses are they rated for 95 - 100 deg C if they were to blow whilst your driving your looking at serious burns even through clothing please make sure it is ok. Can't wait for the update on the other two builds!

  • Jesus you guys work fast. Coolest build i've seen in a looooong time. Reminds me of the Exocet Miata.

  • looks good so far!! awesome video.

  • Thumbs up if you guys think they should repair the semi in the driveway.

    • Vaginas ...I mean Vulvas aren't worth rebuilding. Pete ...Yes. Freightliner Century ...Yes. Vulva ...hell no!

    • @Petey Pon people who "have" money tend to know how to spend money wisely, other wise they're just people who had money...

    • @Petey Pon New Zealand is currently sitting on NZ$1.93 per litre of petrol.

    • with the money they are generating,a newly paved driveway,,,,,,,,,,they worry of the oil being Xpensive,gee weez Simeon and Eleazer are the funnyGoonz

    • There probley scared

  • Congratulations Guys. Build looks really good

  • This thing looks well engineered and probably has an awesome crash test rating. They should test the airbags on it.

  • Put some grip tape where you step on the bar to get in, it will save the powder coated frame from getting scratched up.

  • I remember subbing to you guys at ~40-50k and i was like "damn these guys are gonna blow up"

  • I would check in Georgia law, but I believe you are allowed to drive it on the street up to 20 miles from the build destination for testing & safety. You definitely will be able to do it if you are not seeking a title due to this vehicle not being safe to use on an interstate.

    • B is for Build was able to drive his kit Nissan car on the road without title or registration finalized because of this law (he is in Oregon). Worth a check (he explains it in his video on the final part in his Nissan build series...the blue one which I think you guys will really like).

  • It made me so upset that he didn't just lift the funnel a little when he was pouring the damn oil so air could get through. Would have gone so much faster 😂

  • Incredible car sooo clean love your videos

  • That is awesome!!!!!😊😊😊😊 I feel really good that I subscribed your channel and see all the build you guys did.But one thing please try to post yours videos a little faster.No doubt your guys are awesome...

  • I was skeptical on this series but love it now keep er going

  • Thing looks amazing and it definitely rips!

  • Wow the engine sounds amazing

  • Love your GSD. keep up the good work you 2

  • Looking awesome!!!! So nice and low!!!

  • Could you put a lift kit and some off-roading tires on it to turn it into a pretty sweet dune buggy?

    • Nathan Sullivan the company they bought the kit from is actually working on releasing an off-road version. dfkitcar.com

  • I want that car once it's done. That would be a hoot to drive around town in.

  • LOVE IT.......... SEVERELY ADDICTED TO YOUR CHANNEL ... More more I need more !!!!!!